Zenergy Health Club and Spa acquires Sun Valley Sports Rehabilitation



The Zenergy Health Club and Spa held an open house on Wednesday, introducing the community to its recently acquired sports rehabilitation clinic.

Sun Valley Sports Rehabilitation has been renting space at the Zenergy Health Club and Spa since 2007.

Zenergy recently acquired the clinic, so she can now offer even more health and wellness options to community members recovering from sports-related injuries.

“People who have current injuries. People who have had surgery. They were injured while skiing or crossing the road while tripping on a sidewalk, whatever the case was. Or like I said, some people who just had something that have been pestering them for a while and they don’t quite understand what’s going on. We help them find these injuries and we help if we can or refer to doctors if necessary, and just help them get the care they need, ”said Karoline Droege, physiotherapist.

And a major bonus? Physiotherapy patients who register for regular rehabilitation appointments will receive a free Zenergy membership while they recover.

“We have an aging athletic population. And these people are weekend warrior athletes. They love to hit the slopes. They love to ride mountain bikes. So this community is so important and uses all the resources of Zenergy. The talented team of individuals, but also, once again, the chance to train in the club. It will really help them get back to what they love to do more quickly. So we think it’s just a unique place for the community. To help them be healthier and get back to what they love to do the most, ”said Derek Agnew, Zenergy Health Club and Spa.

The clinic will offer comprehensive health and fitness assessments to members and non-members who may be eligible for insurance-based reimbursement.



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