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It is now all the rage to have a smartwatch that can track your fitness. Staying in good physical shape has been a trend over the past decade and people are more aware of the importance of regular exercise.

The question is: is athletic performance synonymous with fitness?

Physical fitness is defined as the ability and activity to cope with the demands of various activities. It’s not just about athletic performance.

Health-related fitness is measured by two aspects: the ability to cope with daily activities as well as the persistence of proper functioning of the body. Sport-related fitness refers to outstanding performance in a particular type of sport.

Parents in general would take health-related fitness for granted while hoping that their children would excel in sports-related fitness in addition to academic excellence.

Such a belief is based purely on the expectations of parents and is rife with mistakes.

1. Physical health should not be taken for granted. Getting in good shape takes a lot of effort and time to achieve.

2. Fitness should not be seen only from a sporting aspect, but also from a health aspect, such as the ability to attend classes and complete the assessment.

3. Sport-related fitness requires constant training as well as skill. It cannot be guaranteed by hard work.

4. To achieve long-term physical health, children should focus on developing their health-related fitness. This is not just to be healthy per se, but to avoid obesity, high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia, diabetes or other diseases.

Here are four convenient ways for kids to maintain their health-related fitness by exercising in the midst of busy schoolwork:

1. Develop an interest in at least one competitive sport such as ball games or swimming, and practice regularly (say once a week).

2. Walk for thirty consecutive minutes.

3. Practice strength training and flexibility training twice a week during physical education class.

4. Actively participate in open events and receive the right amount of training during preparation.

This article appeared in the Hong Kong Economic Journal on May 29

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