What is blocking your training?



(Baptiste Health) – Many of us face obstacles when it comes to exercising. But for every obstacle there is a solution, maybe even several.

For tips on how to overcome the obstacles you face, take the following assessment.

Note: This assessment is not intended to replace a visit to your healthcare professional.

I don’t have time to exercise.

Chances are, you will have more downtime than you think, if you are looking for it. Keep track of your daily activities for a full week. In all likelihood, you will find time slots that you can set aside for exercise. You can walk or jog for part of your lunch hour, or swap mid-morning coffee breaks for breaks to exercise. Be creative.

I think the exercise is boring.

Try to team up with a friend for workouts. With a buddy next to you on a treadmill or stationary bike, the exercise will be less strenuous.

Otherwise, challenge yourself. Setting a goal, such as completing a 5k race, helps make workouts meaningful.

Plus, add some variety to your routine. For example, if you usually swim, try substituting for another activity (like walking) for a few days a week.

I am too tired to exercise at the end of the work day.

Try to schedule your workouts before work, perhaps getting up half an hour earlier than usual and starting the morning with a run or some other type of exercise.

I don’t have anyone to watch my children while I exercise.

See if you can trade in babysitting time with a friend or family member who also has children. Or while your kids are napping or playing, get active around the house. Use an exercise video, do sit-ups, or jump rope.

Better yet, if your kids are old enough, make exercise a family affair. Go for a hike with your kids, kick a soccer ball together, or share a game of tag.

I travel too much to stick to an exercise program.

Save on taxi fares; ask your hotel reception for a local map and walk as much as possible. If your hotel has a gym, take advantage of it.

And never forget to pack a jump rope or an exercise tube. This can be your Plan B if your hotel does not have a gym or swimming pool.

I don’t have the right clothes for exercise.

Wear whatever is comfortable. Just make sure your shoes fit well.

I don’t want to spend a lot of money joining a gym or buying training equipment.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to exercise. You can get exercise through daily activities like gardening or playing with your children. You can also create your own training equipment. For example, strengthen your muscles by lifting plastic milk jugs filled with water or sand.

If you want to join a gym, look for ways to make it cheaper. For example, find out if your employer offers discounted gym memberships.

Since I am not overweight, exercise does not seem so important to me.

Losing weight is just one reason to add exercise to your routine. Being active can improve your mood, help you sleep, and increase your energy levels. It also helps lower your cholesterol, blood pressure, and your risk of developing heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and certain cancers. And these are just a few of the many benefits of regular exercise.

I don’t want to be in pain after training.

The exercise shouldn’t hurt if you slowly and gently go into a new workout or activity. You can also prevent muscle pain by warming up and cooling down.

I am too shy to exercise with other people.

Go solo. Choose an activity without a potential audience. Work out at home with an exercise video or walk alone.

I have a health problem and I am worried that exercise will make it worse.

Share your concerns with your doctor. Chances are, your doctor will encourage you to exercise. This is because most health problems improve with physical activity.

Use common sense and caution when exercising. Always stop exercising if you experience pain or if you are short of breath, dizzy, weak, or nauseous.

I’m not good enough at complicated exercises.

Stick to the basics, like walking, jogging, or climbing stairs. Also consider signing up for an exercise group or class.

It’s too cold (or too hot) outside to exercise.

Find an indoor activity, like walking to a nearby mall or exercising at home with an exercise video. Become a member of a gymnasium or community center, ideally one that allows you to pay only for the months when the weather is a problem, rather than for the whole year.

Learn more about exercise.

For more information on the benefits of exercise, visit Fitness and exercise thematic center.

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