What are the benefits of a cold dive after a workout?



Have you ever been to the gym and found people diving in ice water? This is called a cold dive, a form of cold water therapy. A cold dive is a pool at around 55 degrees that someone can immerse themselves in for up to 20 seconds. Here’s why you might want to get started after your next workout.

What are the benefits of taking a post-workout dip?

After intense training, taking a cold plunge can help reduce muscle aches like cold water. constricts blood vessels, thus reducing swelling. Plus, exposure to cold water is a quick way to cool off after a workout and can give you energy. So instead of feeling lazy after sweating (if you like morning workouts), you’ll find yourself energized for the rest of the day.

How to dive cold without a swimming pool?

The gym I go to has a cold plunge pool so I dunk myself after working out there. But, when I work out at home, a cold shower is always a great way for me to feel cool. If you have a bathtub, feel free to fill it with cold water and allow yourself a few minutes in an ice bath (around 55 degrees).

Are there any risks with cold water therapy?

When it comes to diving into the cold plunge pool or taking a cold shower, there is a risk of hypothermia. In an article reviewed by a physiotherapist Gregory Minnis, DPT, the way to avoid hypothermia is to keep it short. In a pool indulge in a few quick dunks and in the shower only stay a few minutes. If you are ever unsure whether you should dive in the cold, be sure to speak to your doctor before diving.



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