West Seattle Blog… | UPDATE: West Seattle Health Club in North Delridge damaged after ‘RV’ hits building, started fire, gas leaks



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(photo SFD)

1:25 am: Seattle fire has a “complete answer” arriving in block 2600 of SW Andover. Updates coming soon.

01:32: The address recorded for the reply is West Seattle Health Club. “Light smoke” reported by firefighters searching inside. A gas meter is involved and a “gas leak in progress” is reported.

01h37: SFD said via Twitter that it started as a motorhome fire.

01:43 am: Although RVs park nearby, usually west and north of the health club, it has reached the southwest corner of the building, according to our team who just arrived on the scene. .

(WSB photos from this moment)

1:57 am: Added photo of the burnt vehicle. No news on the injured yet, but the SFD’s information manager has just arrived on the scene.

2:05 am: You may recall we covered an RV accident on the east side of the health club parking lot in July; the building and its operations were not involved. In the meantime, the gas leak remains the major continuing concern at the site at this time.

All but four SFDs in the initial response are rejected.

02h21: We spoke to the SFDs Kristin tinsley. The gas is off now. She says (update) no one was treated for injuries. (Video added)

We don’t know yet how, or if, this will affect WSHC’s operations and we’ll have to check back later in the morning. (If you receive an update before us, send an SMS / call our hotline – 206-293-6302.)

6:17: By texting the club is open but the pool is closed.

8:01 am: As one reviewer notes, the vehicle looks like a bus. However, RV is how SFD describes it, seemingly more like a catch-all term for a rolling residence type of vehicle. In the meantime, the club posted this morning:

Well, folks, another motorhome is entering club property. This time it started a fire in the pool area and caused extensive damage to the structure. We’ve been trying to get the Andover Street RV camp removed for months. Please call the town hall at 206 684 2489 and complain. We have to stop the dangerous conditions they bring to our club. Constant drug use, illegal dumping of garbage and theft.

Unfortunately the pool will be closed until we can repair the damage. We’ll try to keep you posted on the reopening once we know the extent of the damage.

We are also following up with SPD to see if they have been in contact with the driver as SFD has confirmed that they have not.

8:42 am: The West Seattle Health Club has given us permission to post their photos of the aftermath of the accident / fire:

“Enough is enough!” the club management said in our exchange, vowing not to stop until they “fix this problem”.

12:20 p.m .: We are still awaiting answers to our follow-up questions for SPD. In the meantime, member of the Council Lisa herboldThe office shares this report they just received from SFD:

The accidental fire occurred when the shoplifting suspect fled the scene in a shuttle of about 15 passengers and crashed the vehicle into the west exterior wall of the West Seattle Health swimming pool building Club. The collision with the pickup truck damaged the outside above-ground natural gas line. The van fire mainly spread to the outside wall of the pool building. No injuries were reported. The damage is estimated at approximately $ 300,000.

Here is an exterior view, as seen on our return around 9:30 am:



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