Watch strongman Robert Oberst train on a one-mile sled


As a frequent World’s Strongest Man competitor and finalist, Robert Oberst isn’t afraid of hard training, but his latest physical challenge is, in his own words, “ridiculous.” In a new video on his channel, Oberst sets himself the task of pulling and pushing a sled an entire mile. And to make it as hard as possible, he loads the prowler with 400 pounds of plates, the equivalent of his own body weight.

The mile will consist of Oberst completing 27 laps of 200 meters each, pushing the sled forward and dragging it backwards using a harness to reverse in the opposite direction.

“There’s no way in the world it’s going to be easy,” he says. “But if that’s the case, if for some reason I’m just today’s fucking Hercules and it’s easy, we’ll add weight to it…Stay tuned. Listen for the scene where I’m puking.”

And then, with “a regrettable step”, Oberst left.

“I can move forward all day,” he says. “But in reverse, holy shit. I’m dying, I’m shaking, my body is already telling me to stop. I guess I didn’t think we were going to go a whole mile without having to pay some kind of price. . . It’s going to get bad… It’s going to get gross and dirty, but we’re going to get there.”

Although Oberst acknowledges that he can use his body weight to help pull the sled in the pulling parts, he adds that his legs are still struggling to support his body weight, but after 27 long, long laps he lifts the challenge.

“It was ridiculous,” he says. “I’ve never done anything like this in my entire life.”

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