Watch an Olympian take the Navy SEAL fitness test


Navy veteran Austen Alexander challenged two-time Olympic track and field athlete Nick Symmonds to a series of increasingly grueling physical challenges in their recent YouTube collaboration videos, including pitting him against an infantry soldier from the US Army on an obstacle course and compete with him in a HORSE fitness game. And now he’s challenging him to take the Navy SEAL Physical Fitness Test (PFT).

“He can run,” says Alexander, “but can he swim and do pull-ups?”

The SEAL PFT consists of:

  • 500 meter swim
  • 50 push-ups (minimum)
  • 50 sit-ups (minimum)
  • 10 pull-ups (minimum)
  • 1.5 mile run

    Symmonds gets the swim portion of the test first: he has to swim 500 meters breaststroke or sidestroke in a maximum time of 12 minutes 30 seconds. He ended up finishing in 10:47, earning a passing grade and setting a good precedent for the rest of the test.

    Next, Symmonds has two minutes to do as many push-ups as he can, and he must hit a minimum of 50 reps to be successful. He manages 52 reps with almost a minute on the clock and holds himself back from doing the full two minutes in order to save his energy for the next round, the sit-ups, where the same rules apply. He performs 58 repetitions in the allotted time.

    For pull-ups, there is no time limit: you just need to do as many reps as possible until failure, with a required minimum of 10. Symmonds caps out at 13, then comes the event that he is looking forward to: the 1.5 -Kilometer race.

    Symmonds finishes the race in 9:06, which means he passed the test, but that doesn’t mean he’s battle ready. Alexander informs him that this is only the “most basic” level of physical fitness required to train in the Navy SEALs.

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