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While belly fat is easily noticed and literally steals the show from back fat, it is nonetheless unhealthy, especially if it is stubborn. Your sedentary lifestyle could be contributing to excess back fat, or maybe it’s your unhealthy diet that is the culprit and adding to all the bulge. As far as you know, your poor posture could also be a factor in making your back bulky.

How to get rid of back pain

“While I’d love to answer the old question of how to get rid of back fat, it’s actually impossible to reduce fat in a localized way. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, though. To really firm your back, you’ll need to reduce your overall body fat, which means you’ll look slimmer everywhere, ”says Mukul Nagpaul, founder of Pmf training and ambassador for PM’s Fit India movement.

Nagpaul shares some tips for losing back fat:

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One way to reduce body fat is to eat a diet that creates a calorie deficit. A calorie deficit occurs when a person consumes fewer calories than they need to maintain their current body mass.

“A person can create a calorie deficit by reducing their daily calorie intake from food and drink and by expending caloric energy through exercise and other physical activities. A low calorie diet will help you lose fat on your whole body. Unfortunately, you can’t decide exactly where the fat loss will occur first. But you can eat a diet that includes lots of nutrient-dense foods and lean protein to promote muscle growth, “explains Nagpaul.

Green leafy vegetables like spinach are high in magnesium. (Pixabay)

Foods rich in nutrients include vegetables, including leafy greens, starchy vegetables and vegetables of different colors, fruits, such as apples and berries, lean proteins, such as poultry, fish, and vegetables. lean cuts of meat, beans and legumes, nuts and seeds, whole grains including brown rice, quinoa and whole grain bread and pasta, healthy fats, such as oily fish, avocados and olives. In addition, sugars and saturated fats should be avoided.


Focus on strengthening exercises to help shape the muscles of the upper, middle, and lower back. Here are some exercises suggested by Nagpaul for you to try.

Shoulder strengthening exercises: If you build strong, tight shoulders, the area of ​​your back below the shoulders (especially near your bra line) starts to appear smaller. Front dumbbell raise, vertical barbell row, etc. will help you develop strong shoulders.

Mid back exercises: The wing-shaped muscles in the middle of your back are called the latissimus dorsi. If you can make these two muscles tighter and stronger, they will make your waist appear smaller. Chin ups, lat pulldown, etc. are good exercises to strengthen the lats and create a toned triangular shape.

Size exercises: If you want to slim the back of your waist, try doing exercises that strengthen the obliques and also the erectors of the spine, the muscles that run along the spine. These muscles help shape the sides of your body and help it bend from side to side. Cable Woodchop will help slim and strengthen the sides of your body. You can also do Russian floor twists to target oblique abs.

Lower back exercises: Slouching makes back fat more visible. To stand taller and promote better posture, do lower back exercises to strengthen the core, including spinal erectors. Superman exercise will help target these hot spots.

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