Three great workout routines for the weekend


Fitness at the Lounge is not just about aesthetics, but we focus on building strength and health. Over the past week, our editors, who are all passionate about fitness, have put together a great number of stories that will help you on your own fitness journey. We’re highlighting the top three tracks of the week, a great combination of workout tips and health tips. They are sure to update you on your workout schedule.

Whatever the distance or the terrain, you need strong legs and a good cardiovascular capacity for a trek

Get in shape for this trek in the mountains

Most of us haven’t traveled in over a year, and if you’re an avid hiker you’ve probably missed hiking the mountains, but are you fit enough to hit the trails again? Bibek Bhattacharya has some tips on how to train for a hike and get back in shape for those long hikes that combine travel, mindfulness, and the sheer joy of being in nature. Whatever the distance or the terrain, the two most important fitness points for a trek are strong legs and good cardiovascular capacity. You’ll also need to train your core for stability and strengthen your back to go the distance by carrying a 10kg backpack.

Running on uneven surfaces or bad roads can lead to knee injuries

Running on uneven surfaces or bad roads can lead to knee injuries

How to recover from a knee injury while running

If you are a regular runner and like to rack up the miles, there is a good chance that you are at risk of injury. Running is one of the best forms of exercise, and there’s nothing like it for clearing your mind and feeling centered. If you are in great shape, the risk of injury is lower, of course, but there is no reason for this unexpected sprain to run on a bad road, which in our country is common. Avid runner Sohini Sen writes that the most common injuries sustained due to bad and uneven surfaces are knee problems, and more specifically, ligament and soft cartilage injuries or meniscal injuries. She talks to experts to find the best way to rest, recover and get back in shape.

You don't need an expensive gym membership to build strength

You don’t need an expensive gym membership to build strength

Use this wall to build muscle

The drive has undergone a transformation since the first lockdown of covid-19. Those who were used to the gym bought a lot of exercise equipment, from resistance bands and pull-up bars to foam rollers and dumbbells. The more creative among us have explored ways to use everything from buckets of water to hamstring curls with socks. And we realized that good training doesn’t require extensive and expensive equipment and infrastructure, writes Pulasta Dhar. It provides tips and tricks for using this simple wall in your home to get a great workout and build strength and muscle.

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