This new smartwatch will take your training to the next level – every time



What you will love:

1. High health characteristics

The 3-in-1 bioactive sensor is designed to monitor heart rate, blood oxygen levels and body composition. It measures key fitness metrics like skeletal muscle mass and body fat percentage just by standing still. It will also give you an idea of ​​the healthy range for your gender, weight, and height.

2. Keeps you focused

Track your activities and fitness scores on your watch and phone. Count steps, check kilojoules and stay on the grid with the GPS. Galaxy Watch4 Classic detects physical activity to track your routines and supports over 90 exercises for more accurate workout reporting.

3. Group training

Exercise with friends and push yourself further with a running coach right on your wrist. Galaxy Watch4 Classic lets you track your steps and compete with your friends through a live bulletin board to keep you on top of your fitness game.

4. Intelligent high-tech design

Choose between two premium stainless steel design versions – the slim one Galaxy Watch4 Classic with its virtual rotating bezel or the traditional elegant Galaxy Watch4 without bezel – in a range of sizes, colors and graphics to suit all moods. A The sweat resistant strap will make your workouts more comfortable as you personalize your Galaxy Watch4 with analog and digital dials to suit your style and activity – hello running, listening to your favorite music – with an AR emoji (your face) .

Smaller, thinner and lighter than ever before, the Samsung Galaxy Watch4 is the perfect workout companion this summer.

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