This collective studio is Vancouver’s hottest new workout spot


Bringing you gossip about everything hot in town is, quite literally, our job. And today, we’re here to tell you about the hottest workout spot in the Beach District (obviously!). Enter: Home Concepts! The unique fitness studio opened to the public in November last year. And it’s already garnered a lot of attention, for good reason, of course.

First of all. We believe that some clarifications are in order. House Concepts is not your usual fitness studio. It is, what they call, a collective studio.

Basically, it houses four different studios: Basecamp Athletics, Butterfly Boxing, Guest House, and Personal Training Studio. And each of these studios caters to different fitness goals and calibers. Basecamp Athletics, for example, is an athlete-focused bootcamp studio with classes offering high-intensity full-body training for clients of all fitness levels.

Image via House Concepts

Guest House, by far, has the most variety. There is a rotating roster of world-class trainers who run a slew of classes, some of whom hold classes on a regular basis. With plenty of options for beginners, there’s Yoga, HIIT, Pilates and more. You can view the full list of courses here. But be aware that the schedule changes weekly and goes live at 11 a.m. every Monday.

Now here’s the thing – classes are fun, but they can be intense. So without your passion for fitness and the inspiring energy of the trainers rubbing off on you, it would be hard to even keep up.

In addition to their classes, the collective studio also offers personal training which includes consultation, physical assessment and one-on-one/two-on-one training sessions. Simply put, you get a fully personalized fitness program based on your specific needs. Wow, indeed!

Image via House Concepts

What takes the overall experience to a whole new level is the beautifully architected space you train in. This architectural gem is worthy of the iconic tower in which it resides, the Vancouver House.

Here, check their website to see the latest schedule, book classes, and find more details. You can even buy their products online, including sportswear that you would wear all day. Or if you’re in the Beach District, why not check out the space in person! But in the meantime, if you need inspiration to set your fitness goals, follow them on the gram!


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