The benefits of fitness for personal development


Personal development can seem like a daunting task when you think about all the improvements you want to make in all areas of your life: health, money, career, relationships, education, family, travel/leisure, sports, spiritual growth, etc. Very often it seems like you succeed in one area only to see another neglected. It’s not that you don’t get success, you can be hugely successful in one area and it seems so hard to be successful in all areas.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could just do one thing to improve and there was a ripple effect? Imagine that you improve one area of ​​your life and all other areas of your life improve – much like the “all ships rise with the tide” phenomenon. I believe there is such a thing, and I believe one thing is fitness.

We often think of our personal fitness as a matter of “training and nutrition” – but TRUE FITNESS is much more about PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT…

The benefits of fitness are many. It keeps your muscles and bones strong, controls your weight, protects your body from disease, improves your mood, improves brain function, helps you sleep better, increases your energy and improves your sex life.

And of course there’s confidence, which is perhaps the most underrated benefit of being fit. Nothing builds your confidence like practicing the habit and discipline of exercise and reaping the rewards – having a level of energy health and a body of well-being that you love. Simply put, fitness can make you happier and help you get more out of ALL of life.

Indeed, being in good physical shape has key benefits when it comes to personal development. Sharpening the mind, creating self-discipline, treating the body with respect, and setting and achieving goals are great attributes to cultivate.

The mental aspect is one of the main benefits of physical fitness. If you learn the principles of success in fitness, you can use them in other areas of life. The attitude it takes to succeed is the same no matter what you’re trying to achieve.

The physical body is an excellent place to learn and develop the principles of personal development. You can see it and measure it. The progress or lack of it is easily apparent.

So many people don’t see results because they set low goals with low intentions and give up far too easily.

Somehow we have forgotten that our most important asset is our body and its health and well-being. We cannot achieve any of our goals, do our jobs, or fulfill our mission and purpose in life if our bodies cannot support us.

There is no mystery as to what is needed to be successful. Physical exercise supported by REAL food is what is needed over a long period of time. You will see results if you stick with it.

Once you learn to master the art of goal setting, hone your self-discipline while developing higher levels of motivation, you can focus on other life goals.

Martial arts are a great example of how the body can be used to learn and understand deeper spiritual and mystical aspects of self and life in general.

The importance of fitness goes beyond mere physical benefits. Body and mind are deeply interconnected. The benefits of fitness are that it sets the tone for steady improvement in a very tangible way and has a smooth effect throughout your life.

Improving health and fitness is the easiest to control and the easiest to master. Developing your skills is a good stepping stone to making more serious changes in other areas of your life. The mental transformation that must take place in sync with the physical changes is what makes this a rapid path to life transformation.

You will not only be stronger and healthier, but also calmer, happier and more sane. Try it out and see for yourself how well it works.


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