The 8 Best Workout Leggings


What are the best workout leggings?

Worn more often than most gym clothes, workout leggings are everywhere in closets. Brands and styles are abundant with multiple features. With so many choices, it can be hard to know which are the best. From high-waisted options to capris to leggings with pockets, here’s a look at some of the best options on the market.

Gym kits

If you intend to wear leggings during physical activity, some styles will suit your needs better than others. For example, workout leggings intended specifically for gym activities are designed to be tighter and more breathable.

Compression Leggings

This style compresses the legs more than typical leggings. They can be worn as training pants, but are often worn under shorts or training pants in the winter. Compression leggings conform tightly to the body to prevent the fabric from falling during movement. Both men and women have several comfortable options available.

Under Armor Men’s HeatGear Compression Leggings

This style stretches to conform to the body while compressing the muscles. Its fabric is resistant but light, which makes it ideal for training. Sold by Amazon

Nike Pro 365 Women's Tights

Nike Pro 365 Women’s Tights

These are mid-rise, form-fitting compression leggings for women. They are machine washable and vented for breathability. Sold by Amazon

High waisted yoga pants

As you move into different positions during a workout, the clothes also move on your body. High-waisted yoga pants minimize the number of times you have to pull your pants up when doing a downward dog. They sit higher and hug the waist, preventing them from slipping. Many pairs will even have a belt to hold them in place.

Align Pants Lululemon

Align Pants Lululemon

These premium leggings are designed to cover your core and minimize your worries. They are soft, sweat-wicking and machine washable. Sold by Amazon

With pockets

We all want to carry our phones with us everywhere, especially during a workout. Some pairs of yoga leggings have pockets that can be useful for storing your keys, gym card, and Bluetooth headphones.

Colorfulkoala high waisted leggings

Colorfulkoala high waisted leggings

These leggings have a fitted cut with a high waist and pockets. They are comfortable, stretch to your body and come in different designs. Sold by Amazon


Sometimes it’s too hot to wear long leggings outside, which is why you also need capris in your closet. The features of capris are the same as full-length leggings. They can be high waisted, with pockets and in several different patterns. Capris provide space for cool air to touch the skin and keep you cool.

Neleus Capri Leggings

Neleus Capri Leggings

These capri leggings are non-see-through with a high waist for tummy control. They have pockets and are available in many different colors. Sold by Amazon

Beyond the Gym

Workout leggings for the gym are obvious, but there are other things to consider when buying them. Sometimes you need to save a little while staying in shape. Or maybe you’re eco-friendly and want to be sure you’re wearing sustainable clothing. Either way, you’re covered by the workout leggings industry.


Working out is great for mental health, but breaking the bank is counterproductive. Affordable leggings are as beneficial for a workout as expensive leggings. You can find many pairs in which you can get the same workout without hurting your wallet. Plus, if you get workout leggings at a fairer price, you can get twice as much.

Queenieke High Waisted Yoga Pants

Queenieke High Waisted Yoga Pants

These high waisted yoga leggings are comfortable and versatile. Wear them for any physical activity, but wash them by hand when dirty. Sold by Amazon


For people who care about the environment, there are sustainable leggings. These come from conscious companies that consider everything from the materials they use to their work.

Boody active leggings for women

Boody active leggings for women

These durable leggings are perfect for running, circuit training, yoga or any other workout. They’re sweat-wicking, breathable, and high-waisted. Sold by Amazon


If you want to look good while working out, you might want more variety of models. In this case, there are many leggings suitable for training. Some have multiple colors, while others have leopard, galaxy, and other prints.

G4Free Yoga Pants

G4Free yoga pants with pockets

Designed with a high waist and pockets, these leggings come in various flattering prints and colors including leopard, marble and tie-dye.

Sold by Amazon

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