Teven Jenkins used ‘torture’ training to meet new bear weight standard


Teven Jenkins came with plenty of support inside Halas Hall as one of their prized 2021 draft picks. It’s amazing to think how quickly things can change. Now a new regime is in place with general manager Ryan Poles and head coach Matt Eberflus. They bring with them a new standard. Poles himself had one in mind for the offensive line, saying he wanted the guys to be lighter and faster. Both are needed to function in the wide area offense that Luke Getsy plans to install this summer. Jenkins realized he would have to do some serious work to meet their expectations.

It meant losing weight. When he came out of Oklahoma State last year, the rookie weighed around 320 pounds. They wanted it to go higher under offensive line coach Juan Castillo. By the time he returned from his back injury last season, he weighed 345 pounds. It’s way too heavy for a wide area tackle. For example, Mike McGlinchey in San Francisco weighs in at 310. Jenkins had some work to do.

He shared his results with the media this week.

Dropping 20 pounds before minicamps start is pretty impressive. The way he succeeded was in two stages. The first was an adjustment to his diet, cutting out alcohol and carbohydrates. Then came the hardest part of adopting a new workout that would help with weight loss. His choice ? Pilates. Thanks to the efforts of Superior Pilates in Waukegan, the Bears right tackle has a stronger core as well as better stamina and balance. Although he loves the results, he admits the process was a real torture.

Teven Jenkins says he feels 100% in training camp. His back hasn’t bothered him since returning from surgery last year. Now he is in better physical condition than before. Power was never an issue in his game. Now try to imagine how much more dangerous he can be now that he’s faster than before. This offense should suit him perfectly, and the results will come.

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