Telford Hotel Unveils Major Health Club Upgrade


Plan of the new gymnasium

In collaboration with Life Fitness, it is deploying a major investment program because it is giving concrete form to its vision of making its hotels the “best hotel group offering a fitness offer” in the country.

The modernized health club will feature a state-of-the-art gym, fitted with top-of-the-line Life Fitness equipment, all fully connected to provide the latest technology and an immersive workout experience.

This will include the Discover SE3HD interactive cardio machines, IC7 indoor bikes, as well as various strength and cable machines and lift zones.

Additionally, the QHotels Health Club has created a fun, exciting and energetic workout environment with the introduction of the SYNRGY Life Fitness Station, which allows members of all skill levels to train individually or in a small group.

Each user will have access to the LF Connect application, downloadable on Apple and Android phones. This will allow people to follow their workouts. All machines have an easy start screen and offer everything from a traditional display screen to on-demand workouts of varying lengths, or even an interactive walk, run or bike route filmed live from of a selection of landscape routes from around the world.

The ambitious project is carried out with partner Life Fitness, who has spent 50 years creating equipment and experiences for amateurs and professionals alike around the world. His equipment is used by the Lawn Tennis Association and its contenders at Wimbledon, as well as major sporting facilities and talents around the world.

Jodi Phillips, UK Business Development and Hospitality Manager for Life Fitness, said: “We are delighted to be able to provide the Telford Hotel with facilities and programs that will provide its guests and members from all over the world. Shropshire premium and effective exercise experiences.

“At Life Fitness, we are proud to work with our partners to understand their vision and requirements and then bring them to life with our wide range of solutions. We have seen an increase in the number of people wanting more on-demand sessions and personalized programs when they visit a gym, and we’re delighted that The QHotels Collection’s vision reflects that as well. ”

Keith Pickard, Director of The QHotels Collection, added, “Our desire has always been to provide the best gyms, fitness and recreation facilities in the country. Now, after 18 months of planning and finding the perfect match, that vision is real. It will also be our biggest investment in over two decades and the best you can get.

“We are introducing a Gym and Training Center anytime, to meet your needs, for everyone and at the highest level of training and with the best equipment. Many top athletes and celebrities train with some of the top level equipment we offer in our gyms. “


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