Tanzania: Absa and health service providers launch health club



ABSA Bank Tanzania has partnered with the country’s leading health-related service providers to launch a health club for its affluent clients, a forerunner for the banking sector as the financial conglomerate strives to elevate the customer experience to new heights.

Speaking at the unveiling of the prestigious service on Monday, Absa’s acting retail banking director Ndabu Lilian Swere said the club, which includes an assortment of healthcare equipment, is responsible for delivering solutions to clients and their families and to Absa staff.

“The launch of this health club is proof that our mission is not only to be the custodians of our clients’ funds and to focus on the business side of transactions, but that we value to the health of our customers and their families. Let me assure you that Absa is continuously dedicated to providing products and services that meet the needs of our customers, “said Ms. Swere.

According to the manager of Absa, the fitness club, dedicated to special clients, will offer various indoor and outdoor health strengthening activities, from jogging, cycling, walks to yoga, training and counseling on physical and mental health issues.

“Obviously, most of you have lingering memories of recent statistics which portrayed an alarming scenario in our lives, highlighting the sharp increase in cases of mental illness, our clients have access to advice on how to avoid the problem, she said. .

According to Ndabu, renowned partners who have partnered with Absa in setting up health include Assemble Insurance which will provide advice on health and nutrition; and Mukti who will offer yoga exercises to clients and their families three times a week for free.

The other co-managers of the health program are fitness icons, Fitness Center, which will distribute gym suits at reduced prices, while Cool Blue, a household name in the field of drinking water distribution solutions, will provide. water during gym sessions and any other activity within the framework of the club.

Assembly Insurance nutrition specialist Jestina Nyondo told the event that a regular intake of a balanced diet incorporating essential ingredients from major food categories is important in order to promote vibrant health for the individual.

In clarifying, she said that a cautious arrival at balance is to organize the serving into four parts with one quarter reserved for protein and starches each, and half allocated to fruits and vegetables. Water, she noted, is essential because it facilitates the proper use of food components in the body.

One of the bank’s clients, Robert Lowasa, director of Tan Communication Media, congratulated the bank on establishing the fitness club, noting that it will help maintain their health while fostering good relationships between clients. .

Another client, Flavian Kitundu, said he was moved by Absa’s decision to transcend their traditional service area as bankers in order to take care of clients’ health.



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