“Step into January 22 for 22” campaign promotes physical fitness and mental well-being


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Submitted by Tyneside Mind

Throughout January, Mental Health Charity, Tyneside and Northumberland Mind have worked in partnership with Northumberland Park to promote their ‘Step into January’ campaign.

The challenge for the public is to participate in 22 activities to mark the year 2022 and raise awareness of the benefits of physical activity on mental well-being.

From Sunday January 9 to Sunday January 30, 2022, the charity will motivate the community to set daily personal goals to get active and mark a fresh start for 2022. Inspiring participants to celebrate the magic of the mental health movement, on their own or with friends, family or co-workers.

The “Step into January 22 for the 22nd” campaign aims to create a healthier physical and mental state of mind for participants as well as highlighting the proven benefits of exercise on the mind, including that reduce anxiety, combat stress, sharpen concentration and improve energy levels. .

The challenge leverages the key objective of Tyneside and Northumberland Mind which is to support community mental health struggles through early intervention services and advocacy for the destigmatization of poor mental health.

Lee Walker, Head of Fundraising for Tyneside and Northumberland Mind, said: ‘We are always inspired by the activities our fundraisers do during their challenges, whether it’s climbing mountains of stairs , run and post their routes every morning, complete group challenges at work, and walk hundreds. miles on the challenge.

“We are very excited about the Step into January campaign and the impact it is inevitably having on the work we do through the continued involvement of our amazing community.

“It’s great to know that there are so many fantastic fundraisers who are happy to support Tyneside and Northumberland Mind while supporting their own wellbeing.”

Whatever your abilities, the campaign asks participants to set achievable goals and make the best “step” possible for 2022 by setting goals that will energize and excite them for the new year. Whether it’s a session at the gym, a walk in the park, or a workout at home, it all counts and it all helps create a scientifically proven healthier, happier state of mind.

To help you achieve your goal, Tyneside and Northumberland Mind will regularly publish tips for staying active on their digital platforms, including articles on the benefits of exercise for our mental wellbeing as well as new ideas for taking part in this daily activity, including exclusive weekly events available only. on the grounds of Northumberland Parks.

January can be a tough month for many, especially after the unprecedented year overshadowed by the covid-19 pandemic, which is why committing to new training every day, whether exploring the vast grounds of Northumberland National Parks or taking up a new hobby closer to home that gets you moving could dramatically improve feelings of mental unease.

Mandy Roberts, Head of Engagement at Northumberland National Park Authority, said: “We are delighted to support the ‘Step Into 22nd January for 22 Years’ campaign; we work with many groups throughout the year with a particular focus on physical and mental well-being, so this is something close to our hearts here at Northumberland National Park.

“Throughout January we will be hosting four sessions at The Sill, National Landscape Discovery Centre, every Sunday starting January 9, 2022. A visit to The Sill is a great way to connect with the great outdoors – it just taking our easy rooftop walk and then sitting with a hot drink, taking in the stunning scenery, is a start, but in January we offer a bit more.

“Reconnect with Your Resolve” will include short guided walks to Hadrian’s Wall, mindfulness sessions, informative talks about Northumberland Recovery College, a dream catcher-making workshop, a photography session and mindfulness, and more.

“All of these activities are free, but bookings for the dream catcher workshop and the photography and mindfulness session must be made through Northumberland Recovery College.”

The organization will provide ongoing support and motivation leading up to and throughout the 22 days, including providing resources to ensure participants’ fundraising experience is the best it can be.

Walk, swim or cycle into the new year, whatever your “thing” is, and challenge yourself for 22 days while promoting good mental well-being in January 2022!

For more information on how to get involved visit.

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