SLT Tread Training at Home: Basic and Race Intervals


If you’ve ever had the opportunity to take an SLT class, you’ll be familiar with the slow burn that begins to develop just minutes after being on the Megaformer, the brand’s signature Pilates machine. Now imagine that coupled with the thrilling, dripping satisfaction of a more cardio-intensive session. That’s what you get from their SLT Tread workout, an in-studio class first launched in 2019 that combines the brand’s oh-so-good Megaformer flows with treadmill interval training.

An SLT Tread class harnesses those wonderful cardio-induced endorphins and combines the benefits of Pilates and running. Almost every movement you do on a Megaformer is a core exercise, and core strength is extremely important to safely and effectively performing all types of movement, especially running. By activating your core at the start of your workout, like you do in this SLT Tread routine, you help ensure they are working properly while you do the rest of your routine (in this case, the treadmill sprints) .

SLT only offers studio classes in the greater New York area, but you can try the workout style with this routine courtesy of Pamela Trujillo, NASM-certified personal trainer and master instructor at SLT Tread. (No, you don’t need a Megaformer or a treadmill.)

SLT Tread Core slider and race workout

Equipment needed: A yoga mat and a pair of sliders. If you don’t have sliders, you can use two small hand towels on a smooth floor.

Directions: Start with the 10 basic moves. Do each movement for the duration indicated, with little or no rest in between. When you’ve completed all the basic moves, give yourself 90 seconds to rest and move on to the running section, which you can do on a treadmill or outdoors. Either way, have a timer or watch handy so you can time running intervals, and don’t forget to cool down with a post-run stretch.


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