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Seth Fierce is a prominent bodybuilder of the 2000s era. He has maintained an impeccable physique and remained a popular figure in the fitness industry nearly a decade after his retirement from competitive bodybuilding. The 39-year-old is a vocal critic of the use of steroids in bodybuilding and has warned the younger generation about their downsides on several occasions. Recently, Feroce opened up about a health scare and hinted at a potential return to competition. However, it is unconfirmed whether he will make the move anytime soon.

Although he has competed as a bodybuilder himself, Feroce has criticized the bodybuilding lifestyle on several occasions. Although he admits that his body was aesthetically much better during his bodybuilding career, Feroce turned to high-intensity functional training in an effort to improve the ability to perform different physical activities that are otherwise difficult for him. bodybuilders. However, the retired bodybuilder felt the need to incorporate strength training into his routine. In a recent video, Seth Feroce performed an intense arm workout and shared some helpful tips on how to do it effectively.

Seth Feroce wrecks sleeve-ripping arm workout

At the start of the video, Seth Feroce said he had put on about 16 pounds of weight over the past six to seven weeks.

“I’ve decided to stop eating salads and being a little b****. I’m still functional, I’m still very f***able. But my functional workouts have gone from me doing bodyweight CrossFit stuff to love… 315 lbs farmer hauled.

Feroce added that he was “tired” of doing the bodyweight exercises and being a big guy he prefers to lift heavy things and put a lot of food in his system. The retired bodybuilder clarified that he doesn’t use steroids to get big.

“You’ll know if I go back to the sauce that might not be off the table. We might put on a show…I don’t know…It’s a joke! Fierce added.

Feroce then headed to his private gym and hopped into training after taking his pre-workout shake. In this arm workout, Seth Feroce performed a number of antagonistic supersets, which means a superset with alternating exercises that target opposing muscle groups like biceps and triceps, chest and back, quads and thighs. hamstrings, etc. Seven times Mr. Olympia Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of the earliest and greatest proponents of this training method. The biceps and triceps are one of the muscle groups that respond best to antagonistic supersets.

Warm-up exercises

Before starting the main workout, the 39-year-old reiterated the importance of warming up the body before training and said it was the best thing, regardless of your age or the muscles targeted for this particular session.

“Having a solid warm-up routine is a good idea… Every part of your body, including your legs… Stretch them even if you’re not training the legs. I warm up and get all that juice flowing. So when I get into hammer curls I can just dip in. No need to do anything and just do a warm-up series. No. I’m already hot…”

Seth Feroce warmed up his body with several workouts like seated cable curls, dumbbell curls, bent rope pushups, V-shaped tricep pushups, and hammer curls in the first phase of his workout. Once the warm-up exercises are below the belt, Feroce said it’s usually the “first high point” of her workout.

“I can feel anything that moves, I’m strong, I can feel it and I’m excited. It’s like I got all the juices flowing for practice,” added Feroce.

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Superset – Dumbbell Hammer Curls and V-Bar Triceps Pushdowns

Feroce started training arms with this superset to work biceps and triceps. Hammer curls are an isolation movement that works the biceps brachii, brachialis, and brachioradialis muscles while V-bar pushdowns work the triceps muscles.

After performing all the sets of this superset, Feroce moved on to the next exercise.

Superset – Seated Cable Curls and Overhead Dumbbell Tricep Extensions

Feroce jumped into another superset to work the arms more. Although he trains in his private gym and has the freedom to use the equipment or machines without interruption, he noted that this might not be the case for those who train in gyms. crowded. For people looking to incorporate supersets into their workouts, Feroce advised:

“If you work out in a big gym that isn’t private or has a lot of people and you’re trying to do the arms like me…Go to the gym with a plan but understand that you may need to manipulate a bit mid-workout if you’re trying to do a superset like I do… So I’m going to pair exercises close together, close…”

In this next superset, Feroce took the seated cable curls to target the biceps. The 39-year-old said he enjoys the constant tension provided by cable machines as a reason to incorporate cable curls into his arm routine. He added that he prefers to switch between a straight bar and a camber bar. Fierce superset this exercise with overhead dumbbell triceps extensions which is his all-time favorite triceps exercise. Before starting the exercise, Feroce shared three best triceps exercises according to him and said:

“If you have weak triceps, a tight-grip bench, overhead dumbbell extensions, and dips are three basic exercises to build thick triceps. Overall tricep development, I think these are the top three in my opinion. Putting them all in your workout can be very heavy on your joints. So again, train hard and train hard, but also train smart.

After performing heavy sets of exercises in quick succession, Feroce launched into a giant set of four-arm exercises.

Superset – One Arm Dip Press and Dumbbell Curls

This superset was next in Feroce’s arm workout. Feroce performed a single arm press to work the triceps while the dumbbell curls focused on the biceps. Generally, the dip press is usually performed with both hands. However, Feroce explained that he likes to do this exercise unilaterally and lean on the machine with his free arm. While explaining the benefits of this variation of dip press, Feroce said:

“Traps, shoulders and triceps… This exercise is all of that,” Feroce added.

The 39-year-old then demonstrated how the exercise can be performed on an assisted dip/pull-up machine. Feroce advised using the knee pads/foot pegs on the machine to push down while the free arm can be used to lean into the machine.

He performed sets of all exercises with minimal rest periods and then performed the last superset of the day.

Superset – Unilateral Cable Curls and Cable Tricep Extensions

This was the final superset to work the biceps and triceps in Seth Feroce’s arm workout. It layers unilateral cable curls (biceps) with unilateral cable triceps extensions (triceps). Both were cable exercises that keep muscles under tension throughout the range of motion. Additionally, the weights of cable machines move along a fixed path, eliminating the need to control them. This helps reduce the risk of injury. Especially in the case of Feroce, as this superset was performed towards the end of the workout when the muscles were significantly fatigued to control the free weights.

Seth Feroce performed both drills in a slow, controlled motion and moved on to finisher for the day.

Cross Cable Tricep Extensions

Feroce then got down to this exercise to isolate the triceps. Cross-cable tricep extensions are one of the best exercises for isolating this muscle because the shoulders are locked in position and the motion allows full elbow flexion to work the triceps. Feroce performed a few sets of this move and concluded the arms workout.

Overall, the workout included:

Warm-up exercises

arm workout


Single exercise:

  • Cross Cable Tricep Extensions

To note: The term “superset” in this article means “antagonistic superset” because Seth Feroce worked the opposite muscles – biceps and triceps in each superset.

Even in retirement, Seth Feroce continues to train with furious intensity and motivates millions with his workout videos. While it’s unclear if he’ll ever grace the competitive scene with his presence, it’s certain that his love for bodybuilding is intact and will continue to improve.

You can watch the full workout video here, courtesy of Seth Feroce’s personal YouTube channel:


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