Seaton woman to launch Sweaty Mamas workout classes in western Cumbria


A WOMAN is launching a new fitness class for moms and their young children.

Sarah Nixon, from Seaton, is launching Sweaty Mamas in West Cumbria on November 1.

These are classes where mothers can bring their little ones to enjoy a fun and effective workout while bonding with their child and meeting other mothers in their community.

She said: “Exercise has been shown to not only help our physical health, but also contribute immensely to our mental well-being.”

Explaining the background to the classes, Sarah said: “I was a personal trainer before I had my last baby boy who is now seven months old, so I know the difficulty of being able to access exercise when you have kids.

“In the big cities, there are nurseries in the gymnasiums where you can put your child, but there is nothing locally where mothers can take their children with them.

“I contacted Sweaty Mamas to get it in Cumbria, and I bought the license for West Cumbria, this side of Egremont, to Keswick and just before Wigton.

“I am a specialist in pre- and post-natal fitness, so the workouts are suitable for people who have given birth, they are trained to regain your physical shape after having a baby, but they are also open to anyone who has had a baby, aged six weeks to three to four years, and they may bring more than one child with them.

“Children like music so they can participate, and babies are used as weights and are used that way in training.

“It’s not just about ‘bringing your kid and entertaining them’, they’re part of the training, so they enjoy it as much as mom enjoys it.

“It’s intimidating for moms when everything has changed after a baby returns to a big gym, so the point is, everyone is in the same boat.”

Classes are held weekly in Whitehaven, Harrington, Seaton, Dearham and Broughton.

Details can be found at or by contacting Sarah on 07817466762.

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