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There have been countless portable fitness monitors like Apple watches, Fitbit, Garmin, etc. They were quite satisfactory for those who were only looking for a live health monitor, but they were not able to provide the proper training solution or accurately measure the physical limits of the users. But for those who prioritize the true application of a health monitor, over their designs, they might have said something was missing. All of the consumer devices listed above were only able to provide primary health status, based on biometric data like heart rate, calories burned, etc.


To address these issues, an expert researcher / health device manufacturer launched ‘TO FIX.’ “REPACE” measures the physical capabilities of individual users using functional near infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS). (To check their muscle oxygen saturation levels.) This level of biological information was only applicable for professional athletes who regularly visit and perform blood tests in a clinic.

‘REPACE’ cutting edge technology / service is provided based on their unique way of conducting user’s lactate (LT) threshold tests. Based on the LT TEST and the user’s goals (weight loss, fitness, exercise capabilities, etc.), REPACE will provide each individual with personalized training solutions.


Here are the main features of REPACE:

LT TEST Verification of physical limits Provide training solution
Training and evaluation Personalized training records Scientific calculations
REPACE Audio Coaching Community Access Trophy Awards

For more information on TO FIX, please refer to their Kickstarter campaign page.

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