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Construction was in full swing this week at the Redwood Health Club, despite the cold, with hopes of a reopening in late February of Fort Bragg’s oldest training businesses.

It’s the final fulfillment of a Larry Hinson dream that began even before he built his Mendocino Sports Club on Highway 1 ten years ago.

Hinson always wanted the Redwood Health Club and is now the Property Manager for Travis and Nancy Swithenbank. The Swithenbanks own a well-known local outsourcing company, which has everything to renovate and repair the redwood.

Hinson announced the agreement between the new owners of the Redwood Health Club property and the Mendocino Sports Club to lease the property with the intention of primarily moving the Sports Club to the recently restored and refurbished property on Cypress Street.

The dream becomes reality

“I have been doing physiotherapy and fitness for 30 years. It is “my dream and my mission to reopen the Redwood Health Club property since it closed six months ago,” Hinson said.

The purchase of “Travis and Nancy Swithenbank” from the former Redwood Health Club property and their willingness to make the necessary repairs and upgrades enabled me to make the Mendocino Sports Club move possible.

The exact details of what will happen to each of the two clubs in the combo have not been determined.

Former members missing the pool, saunas, hot tub, racquetball, tennis and their many old club friendships have bombarded Hinson. The move of the sports club to the new site offers many new opportunities to make fitness fun, he said.

He also intends to keep the current Sports Club site open for personal training and some classes. The Sports Club is located on Highway 1, south of Fort Bragg.

Happy to see you again

“We have started to pre-open sales to the current Mendocino Sports Club. We intend to honor any prepayments at the former Redwood Health Club and to honor any prepayments at other fitness or recreation facilities made by former members. We welcome all former members, ”said Hinson.

Swithenbank Construction is working hard to make all improvements so that the new club can open in February. A grand opening will follow.

Both men were positive and upbeat inside the club, where all carpet and interior furnishings were being removed. A new store will be part of the renovation.

The new combo club, which has yet to be named, will have to pay sales taxes to the City of Fort Bragg, which owns the competing pool, the CV Starr Center.


The two previous owners have lost the health club, despite strong memberships. Former owner Don Pollard lost the club to foreclosure last year and the Mendocino County Savings Bank has been working to sell it at a loss.

Pollard criticized the CV Star Center for making the competition too difficult. The Redwood Club has suffered from age as well, which was clearly visible in the extensive remodeling underway.

The Redwood Health Club was founded in the late 1970s by dentist Michael Golden. Golden sold it shortly thereafter to Don Pollard, whose ownership ended on June 30, 2012, when tax and mortgage ownership was seized by the Mendocino County Savings Bank. Local resident Richard Miller led an effort to buy out the club.

One of the ways to make money for the new club we are talking about is the need for water therapy. CV Starr was supposed to be the site for the hospital’s water therapy patients and other physiotherapists, but it never happened.

There is currently no place for hydrotherapy on the coast. The Redwood Health Club not only has hot water to help with therapy, but the pool has always been kept at 84 degrees, warmer than usual to suit its predominantly adult audience.

The Redwood Health Club has a lot to offer, including top quality racquetball courts which are the only courts for the sport in the area and attract tournament players from Northern California. It has a hot tub and dry, wet and steam baths in the men’s and women’s locker rooms.



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