Post-workout drink created to help people get excited about exercise



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A Vancouver brand sells a light and refreshing post-workout drink to anyone who wants a change from their regular protein shake.

GUD drinks are filled with electrolytes that get you the nutrients from a protein shake in a different form.

They aim to fill the gap between functional and enjoyable nutrition by changing the “chalky feel, mess and smell of old shakers”.

Vancity has supported people in our communities since 1946, such as local entrepreneurs. As part of our Made in Vancouver series highlighting local businesses, we spoke with Enzo Garofalo, founder of GUD, about their brand concept. Learn more about what Vancity is doing in your community at

Garofalo was inspired to start GUD because of his love for physical activity and his motivation to help others benefit from it as well.

“I’ve been interested in athletics my whole life. I spent 10 years competing, eventually qualifying for Team Canada, until a car accident while training on my bike forced me to retire.

“During my recovery and lack of exercise, I realized how important my physical and mental well-being was and how important it was to nurture it throughout life, it’s a marathon , not a sprint, ”he told The Daily Hive in a statement. interview.

“I found that developing a routine that motivates me and that I enjoy is key. So many people find it difficult to take the first step to go for a run or go to the gym because it is considered intimidating.

“GUD aims to make this step a little easier and more enjoyable, maybe even something to be excited about,” he said.

He hopes his brand can get people who are enthusiastic about being active for their physical and mental well-being.

“Your mental and physical well-being has an impact on your mood and your work. Take care of yourself and the rest will take care of themselves.

He told us that GUD strives to use the best ingredients to create memorable foods and experiences.

The product gives you what you need post-workout: water, protein, electrolytes and a pinch of maple syrup.

It comes in two flavors: Peach Mango Wave and Wild Berry Splash.

I want everyone to live their lives feeling strong, healthy and happy. Take the first step and we will get there together, ”he said.

You can find GUD products in independent gyms around the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island and on their website.



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