Physical condition and musculoskeletal disorders


Musculoskeletal health refers to the proper functioning of muscles, joints and bones without pain. People with good musculoskeletal health can perform various activities with great ease and without discomfort. A weakened musculoskeletal system can lead to substantially adverse physical, psychological and societal consequences, especially in the elderly.
Impaired musculoskeletal health can cause acute and chronic pain in the muscles, bones, or joints, resulting in physical restrictions, loss of participation, and withdrawal from daily social, community, and work activities. It pushes an individual towards isolation, disrupting their social well-being, affecting their mental health and degrading their overall quality of life.
Several epidemiological studies have revealed the interconnection between musculoskeletal health and an individual’s physical capacity. An individual suffering from arthritis and musculoskeletal disorders is certainly less active than an individual without arthritis. Similarly, a person following an inactive and sedentary lifestyle is more prone to musculoskeletal conditions.
Painful musculoskeletal conditions lead to a lack of physical activity and lead to functional decline, thus inducing frailty, depression, loss of autonomy and loss of well-being. Impaired musculoskeletal health hampers gross and fine motor skills such as grip power, limb strength, walking speed, etc. of an individual, resulting in severe clinical manifestations and may require prolonged medication or surgical support for its rectification.
Thus, a regular fitness regimen should be followed by everyone regardless of age, gender and medical conditions to lead a healthy and happy life.

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