Personal Trainer Michael Syrojeschin Explores Fitness During Pandemic – What Can We Do To Help Keep Our Health On Track?



As a personal trainer, Michael Syrojeschin can speak from experience of the impact the pandemic has had on the U.S. gym and health club industry.

Estimates show that the industry lost as much as $ 13.9 billion between mid-March and August 31, 2021. This was due – in large part – to lockdowns and shifting consumer preferences associated with the pandemic.

In addition to the changes COVID has in store for the fitness industry, the pandemic has also continued to influence our physical health.

Impacted by factors such as lower physical activity and changes in routine, some 42% of adults have reported unwanted weight gain since the start of the pandemic – around 29 pounds on average.

Michael notes that there is certainly a lot of speculation about the long-term effects COVID-19 will have on the fitness industry. What he recognizes as more important, however, is that individuals realize that there are many ways to play a direct role in their physical form during this time.

Why the weight gain during the pandemic?

There are many potential reasons for the significant reports of weight gain during the pandemic. One of the most glaring ones, according to Syrojeschin, is the mixture of stress and isolation that people have experienced.

Other experts have suggested additional reasons for the increasing weight gain, including difficulty finding new routines, lack of exercise, and diet changes.

Michael emphasizes that the weight gain – due to the pandemic or otherwise – shouldn’t be a source of shame. Weights, even in healthy individuals, can be subject to ebb and flow. For this reason, Michael Syrojeschin is a fan of offering holistic solutions and support to friends, family and clients rather than playing the blame game.

What can we do about it?

Michael Syrojeschin recognizes that now, more than ever, we have a wide range of options to help us maintain our physical shape.

This strain allows us to tailor the process to our own preferences, and it’s important to remember that not all aspects of maintaining fitness are related to training at the gym. Instead, Michael suggests a holistic approach that takes into account the multiple reasons we gain weight over time.

Here are some of the suggestions Michael gives to his friends, family, and clients to build the foundation for a healthy lifestyle in a simple and streamlined way.

Take care of your mental health

Experts have found that there is a deep correlation between physical and mental health. One link is that poor mental health can lead to fatigue and lethargy, with some studies revealing that problems like depression and chronic illness are often reciprocated.

Because of how mental health can impact the physical side of things, Michael notes that it’s important for fitness experts to talk about ways in which we can support our mental upkeep.

Fortunately, the possibilities for maintaining our sanity are endless. Some common ways a person can show their commitment to mental wellness during the pandemic include practicing self-care, taking time to enjoy their favorite activities, and keeping in touch with friends and family for a while. strong support network.

Focus on positive eating habits

Michael is a proponent of eliminating the idea of ​​“good” and “bad” foods, but he argues that some eating habits may be better for us than others.

The specifics of what may be best for our physiology can depend on many factors. Still, getting adequate amounts of fruits, vegetables, grains, and protein is a good start to maintaining a healthy diet.

In terms of sticking to these eating habits, Michael Syrojeschin recommends removing the guesswork from the process as much as possible. One common way to do this is to keep healthy foods and snacks readily available at home. The easier it is to follow healthy eating habits, the more likely you are to maintain them.

Many people find it difficult to eat healthy because they believe it means the end of some of their favorite foods. This is often not the case, and a conversation with a doctor or dietitian can help clarify matters if you are unsure of the best practices for your height, weight, build, etc.

Find your preferred method of physical activity

One of the advantages of the fitness industry is that it is constantly changing. To this day, there are dozens of more inventive ways to work out and track our fitness goals than when Michael first became a trainer years ago.

This means that there is definitely a method of physical activity that you will enjoy enough to stick with your work to maintain your health. Joining a gym is a common method, but many are still unwilling to do so during the recent spate of COVID-19 cases resulting from the Delta variant.

The pandemic has led to an increase in fitness methods that creatively incorporate technology, with Peloton standing out as a prime example. Michael encourages those looking into fitness to remember that there are options that also require smaller financial commitments.

Some of Michael Syrojeschin’s favorite ways to maintain health are often the simplest. Running, body exercises such as push-ups, sit-ups and pull-ups, sports, as well as strength training are some common ways to get started with exercise without a lot of associated costs.

If you’re having trouble finding what’s right for you or figuring out how to diversify your exercise in terms of time, intensity, and repetition, consider checking out online resources or talking to a fitness trainer / fitness expert.

Do not abandon !

It can be difficult to commit to a healthy lifestyle in today’s climate, but it’s important to know that you are more than capable if it’s something you want.

Michael Syrojeschin encourages those who consult him to keep in mind that the road to success is not straightforward. There may be days when you feel unstoppable and see results, and there may be days when you feel stuck.

The most important thing is that we don’t give up on our goals of living long and healthy lives. Any commitment to health is better than nothing!



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