Park City Police launch criminal investigation after health club mask dispute



The Park City Police Department said on Tuesday it was conducting a criminal investigation into a dispute between two men at a health club that involved one of them not wearing a mask.

Phil Kirk, a police captain, said the department received the report shortly after 7 p.m. on June 27 at the Silver Mountain Sports Club & Spa in Prospector. Kirk said a 64-year-old man living in Park City contacted police saying he confronted a man who was training without a mask.

The man without a mask approached the other person and uttered threats of “physical force” if he “did anything like this to her again,” Kirk said. The man without the mask “pushed his way past” the other person, making physical contact, Kirk said. He said the case was registered as an alleged assault.

The suspect had disappeared when the police arrived. Kirk said investigators were reviewing surveillance footage and interviewing witnesses. He said the dark haired suspect was described as being in good physical shape, being 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighing 220 pounds.

Kirk said the police department advises someone to contact law enforcement or company staff regarding a dispute over someone without a mask instead of confronting them directly.

“There are frustrations on both sides,” Kirk said of people who refuse to wear masks or follow other restrictions and those who are unhappy to see someone not or refuse to wear them. comply with other restrictions.

Silver Mountain Sports Club & Spa owner Stanton Jones said he looked at surveillance footage and said the confrontation did not result in a brawl. The club requires that people wear a mask at all times when they are indoors. Jones said it is difficult for some to wear them during a workout for health reasons, and some remove them from the nose during training.

Jones said the two people involved in the confrontation exchanged words inside the sports club entrance as staff prepared to shut down for the night.

“The person was upset by the interaction. … Upset enough to call the police, ”Jones said.

He said the person wearing a mask is a long-time member of the club while the one without a mask is a more recent member.

Jones said people using the sports club have generally adhered to social distancing guidelines without a problem. The sports club has implemented changes such as making one in three treadmills available in an effort to promote social distancing. There has been anxiety among some about wearing masks during a workout, he admitted.

The police department since the spread of the new coronavirus has received a series of complaints from people concerned that others are not practicing social distancing. Police have lodged at least one other complaint about a clash, this one verbal, centered on the masks. This was reported in May at a business on Main Street.

Anyone with information about the showdown at Silver Mountain Sports Club & Spa can contact the Police Department at 615-5500.



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