Nice Workout Clothes That Will Keep You Motivated


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Let’s be honest, sometimes it can be hard to find the motivation to get up and hit the gym. For some, exercise is important for mental and physical health, but sometimes there’s a really good movie on TV, or we didn’t get enough sleep the night before, or our bed is so comfortable that the idea to leave him seems impossible.

But we’ve got a tip that’ll make you want to hit the gym: workout clothes so cute you’ll want to show them off at every opportunity. Do you remember in school when they said “dress well to test well”? Well, it’s the same for training. A trendy, matching workout set can be the difference between another day watching TV on the couch and hitting a new personal best in your spinning class.

So whether you’re hitting the pavement, taking a Pilates class, or lifting weights at the gym, we’ve compiled a list of clothes to revamp your fitness wardrobe and take your exercise routine to the next level. .

Cross back bra

by Alala$65.00

Vamp short

by Alala$90.00

Ribbon Bra

by Alala$85.00

Love To Love Ribbed T-Shirt

by Venus Williams’ Eleven$58.00

Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Skirt

by Venus Williams’ Eleven$88.00

We are proud Leggings

by Venus Williams’ Eleven$98.00

We Stand Proud Sports Bra

by Venus Williams’ Eleven$78.00


by Terez$80.00

Psychedelic Butterfly Duoknit Sports Bra

by Terez$77.00

Snakeskin Foil UpLift Sports Bra

by Terez$70.00

Mesh Cut Out Back Sports Bra and Leggings Set

by WhiteMark$79.99

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