NHS free training platform helping staff stay healthy wins award

Julie davis

#DoingOurBit was created by Julie Davis, Deputy COO of the NIHR Clinical Research Network West Midlands.

This earned him the Bevan Brittan Award for Wellbeing at the prestigious Healthcare People Management Association (HPMA) awards.

The platform was created alongside the leaders of the fitness industry, Active IQ, fibodo and Study Active.

Most contested category with 42 nominations, the Bevan Brittan Award recognizes organizations that can demonstrate how specific initiatives in health, fitness or employee well-being have a positive impact on satisfaction, motivation, health. or staff productivity.

The HPMA jury said he was “blown away by the innovation and commitment” of #DoingOurBit and was “keen to make sure it could be supported”.

They were also impressed with the “vision, energy and communication force” of the platform.

Julie said: “I am absolutely delighted that #DoingOurBit is being recognized by the HPMA in this way and I am particularly happy that our success reminds people in the NHS of the opportunity the platform offers them.”

Julie came up with the idea to offer free workouts to her colleagues and the entire NHS community when the pandemic first hit.

She added: “I would like to thank Active IQ, fibodo and Study Active for all their encouragement and help on the one hand to bring #DoingOurBit to life and on the other hand to build and sustain the platform. Although it has been launched on lockdown, our goal is to continue to build and develop #DoingOurBit into the future. “

#DoingOurBit was launched in June 2020 at the Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust and its 10,000 employees.

Although born out of necessity during the lockdown, #DOB has been recognized for its potential to support the welfare of the NHS in the future.

New trusts are still signing up with 105 now registered, giving access to free training sessions to more than 600,000 NHS staff.

Each #DoingOurBit workout is unique, with physical trainers sending a personal message of thanks.

The wide range of workouts includes yoga, Pilates and dance, seated fitness, low and high impact workouts, core workouts, and even family fun.

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