Kickin ‘Nutrition Health Club opens on Washington Avenue



About six months ago, she decided she wanted to start her own nutrition club. On October 1, she signed the lease for her building. A month later, on November 1, Severson opened Kickin ‘Nutrition.

Kickin ‘Nutrition is a nutrition club that offers Herbalife products. Herbalife is a company that sells nutrition, weight management and general personal care products. At Kickin ‘Nutrition, Severson offers many of these products, but specifically serves their aloes, teas, and shakes.

“First, you take a dose of mango aloe, which helps your digestive system,” Severson said, explaining the process. “And then you’re going to have an energizing, metabolism-boosting tea. Then you’re going to get your shake replacement meal.”

There are several tea options, both sweet and unsweetened, and around 75 different shake flavors, which can change seasonally. Teas and shakes can be served hot, instead of the traditional cold option.

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“They’re really, really good,” Severson said with a smile. “A hot French toast in the morning is delicious.”

Kickin 'Nutrition is covered in hot pink, catching people's attention when they are walking and driving.  (Désirée Bauer / Tribune)

Kickin ‘Nutrition is covered in hot pink, catching people’s attention as they walk and drive. (Désirée Bauer / Tribune)

She is familiar with the products as Severson has been using Herbalife herself for a year.

“I was with McKinley Nutrition and then I decided to branch out and start my own club,” Severson said. “Just (the right) time in my life and I was ready to work for myself and provide more opportunities.”

Once she made the decision to start her business, things kind of fell into place for her. She was informed of the opening of building 508 Washington Ave. on October 1 and Severson decided to sign the lease. She’s been working hard ever since, doing the cleaning, renovating, painting and designing on her own. For the few things Severson couldn’t do, she hired local help.

“It’s been a hell of a turnaround,” Severson said of the work she’s done in just one month.

Kickin ‘Nutrition is on the north side of the tracks, across from the Northside Bar and Grill on Washington Avenue. The location of the building was important to Severson.

“We basically want to welcome the community and invite the community to have a comfortable place to live a healthy lifestyle and a social club,” she said.

And the community came to its grand opening on Nov. 1, Severson said. They remained stable throughout the day and Severson had a chance to speak and greet just about every customer who walked through her door, she said. She has a small group of employees right now, but expects to grow as Kickin ‘Nutrition grows.

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W: 508 Washington Ave., across from Northside Bar and Grill (the former Mutley’s Grooming building)

HOURS: 6.30am-6pm Monday to Friday; 8 am-2pm Saturday and Sunday.

PHONE AND TEXT: 218-849-6996 (for calls); 218-203-2262 (to send SMS for take out orders)




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