Keren Levi Yitzchak grants teachers short-term loans


Keren Levi Yitzchak, founded by the Rabbi in memory of his father, extends its short-term loan program to teachers in Crown Heights. Mazkir Rabbi Yehuda Krinsky called to make a donation in the amount of 254. Full story, video

By the COLlive journalist

Keren Levi Yitzchak was founded by the Rabbi in 1964, at Chof Av farbrengen, marking the 20th yahrzeit of the Rebbe’s father, Harav Levi Yitzchak Schneersonof blessed memory.

The Rebbe announced that the purpose of the fund is to provide assistance to yeshiva teachers. The Rebbe repeatedly encouraged everyone to donate to this fund in honor of his father.

Keren Levi Yitzchak, with deep personal meaning to the Rebbe, is one of a series of charities established by the Rebbe known as “Magbis”.

Last year, Keren Levi Yitzchak announced a pilot project with two local educational institutions in honor of Chof Av.

Limudei Kodesh teachers from Lubavitch Yeshiva Crown Street and Ocean Parkway were able to apply for short-term loans from the fund, which were guaranteed by their employers.

Many melamdim resorted to short-term loans to help cover rising costs of living, simchos, and other circumstances requiring short-term relief.

Today, as we mark Rabbi Levi Yitzchak’s 78th hilula, Machne Israel announced that it is expanding the scope of the fund to accommodate more teachers.

Those interested in applying for a loan can apply directly by email [email protected]


“In honor of Shof Av, I encourage you to help fund this Keren personally established by the Rebbe in honor of his father,” the rabbi said. Yehuda Krinskythe Rebbe’s mazkir and president of Machne Israel, wrote in a public letter.

“In accordance with the Rebbe’s oft-repeated instructions to give charity in sums equivalent to the name, it has been suggested that donations be given in amounts of 254 – the numerical equivalent of the Hebrew name Levi Yitzchak.

“Personally established by the Rebbe to honor his father, Keren Levi Yitzchak was very dear to the Rebbe, repeatedly encouraging us to honor his father by donating to this fund. Today is the perfect day to do so.

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