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In the last full week of April, two years ago, at WNY Pediatrics in Orchard Park, where Mattimore is one of 10 providers, the practice handled 277 well visits and 344 sick visits.

In the same week this year, he treated 180 well visits and 82 sick visits.

Declining patient demand has resulted in up to 30% of staff being on leave in some of the related practices, she said.

The American Academy of Pediatrics has gradually changed the recommendations over the past two months for well visits and vaccinations. It started with children 2 and under and now includes all young patients. This increased the number of office visits this month.

Pediatric care providers measure development and perform vaccinations, physical exams and other screenings, Mattimore said, “So telemedicine doesn’t lend itself so easily.”

Visits since the pandemic are different at WNY Pediatrics.

Gone are the days of waiting rooms filled with sniffles, coughs and feverish children, siblings and parents, at least for the foreseeable future.

Walk-in clinics are canceled, new guidelines from the CDC office have been followed.

Toys and books once shared freely throughout the day by dozens of children are gone.

“We want people to feel it is safe for them to bring their children for their well visits, especially if they need vaccinations,” Mattimore said. “We have staggered the visits and redesigned the waiting rooms.



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