‘I’ll show you where this belongs’: Knut throws Tyler1’s pre-workout in the trash


Ahead of the latest Camp Knut stream, Twitch streamer and Norwegian strongman Knut Spildrejorde threw out the Twitch star and fellow bodybuilder Tyler1’s popular pre-workout supplement Bloodrush, calling it “trash.”

Camp Knut is a month-long fitness and training event led by trainers Knut, Wake Wilder and newest addition Hafþór Björnsson, also known as The Mountain from game of thrones. Twenty-three days into Camp Knut, many OTK attendees have already been pushed to their physical breaking point, but during a livestream today, Knut waged psychological warfare against Erobb221, the brother by Tyler1.

Bursting into the gym, Knut was holding a jar of Tyler1’s pre-workout supplement, Bloodrush. The Norwegian bodybuilder approached Erobb, showing him the bathtub he had found somewhere in the gym.

“Erobb, what the hell is this crap I found here? Is this trash,” Knut asked with Bloodrush in hand. Although Erobb protested the alleged slander of the product of his brother, Knut was quick to show the cat where he believed the pre-labor belonged.

“Come on, I’ll show you where this belongs. Chat, that’s where it goes,” Knut said before tossing the jar of Bloodrush climatically into the trash. However, the pre-workout ultimately wasn’t wasted, as Erobb retrieved the tub soon after and dusted it off.

Knut’s condemnation of the pre-workout, though appearing to be a live joke, sparked a discussion about the quality of the supplement. Many commenters on the clip’s first Reddit post either agreed with Knut’s sentiment or argued that the product was standard, though others simply found the humor that even Tyler1’s brother had to pay for his supplements. .

Whether or not Tyler1’s Bloodrush is up to the job is certainly hotly contested, but it’s clear now that he won’t be welcome at Camp Knut.


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