How Workout Boosts Glowing Skin


The benefits of regular training are numerous. They have great benefits for the heart, lungs, mental health and body physique. It will also interest you to know that regular exercise can also have tremendous effects on your skin.

Dermatology experts say that anything that promotes healthy blood circulation in our body also helps keep our skin healthy and radiant. Regular workouts help cleanse the skin from within.

Speaking with a fitness trainer and founder of Naijafitmom, Chinwe Obinwanne, she shared some great tips on the great job exercise does for the skin. “Anyone who decides to start regular exercise tends to focus more on the cardiovascular and weight loss benefits of exercise and spare little to no time to focus on the other benefits our bodies get from regular workouts. “

Here are some important benefits of exercise for the skin:

Regular workouts increase the level of thirst, thus prompting the person to drink more water. More water in the system means more fluids which help with circulation and from there, healthy skin. Nourishes Skin Cells: Exercise by increasing blood flow helps nourish skin cells and keep them functioning optimally.

An online dermatologist has revealed that blood carries oxygen and nutrients to working cells throughout the human body, including the skin. She explained that in addition to providing oxygen, blood flow also helps flush waste products, including free radicals, from active cells. This basically means that an exercise session helps flush cellular debris out of the system, helping to cleanse your skin from the inside out.

Exercise, by speeding up the heart rate and improving blood circulation, can help deliver oxygen and nutrients to the skin, which keeps the skin healthy, promotes collagen production and promotes the formation of new skin cells, which keep the skin glowing and also helpful for anti-aging.

Workout enthusiast Joan Ibe said, “When you sweat after workouts, the pores in your skin are open. It’s as if the skin is cleansed from within, removing anything that clogs the pores. I noticed a difference in the appearance of my skin after a few months of regular training,” she said. Eliminate Stress Induced Skin Problems Exercise is key to relieving stress.

And various skin-related problems arise when a person is stressed to the maximum. When you exercise regularly, you reduce stress to a bare minimum and the effect of this on the skin is that some troubling stress-induced skin conditions will also show some improvement. Skin conditions that may improve when stress is reduced include eczema and acne.

A toned body makes skin look glowing: regular exercise helps tone muscles and eliminate cellulite, resulting in much more radiant and smoother looking skin. With these few points, we hope you are convinced that your skin will look better when you decide to start exercising.


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