How To Get A Full Body Workout Using Household Items As Gym Equipment


Here’s how you can get a full body workout – and keep the kids occupied – while on lockdown using common household items.

Sydney residents have no excuse to put the Covid pounds on this lockdown as The Daily Telegraph reveals how your home already has everything you need for a full body workout.

Personal trainer Daniel Ucchino explains how a broom, soccer ball and school backpacks can help you and the kids improve your fitness during this lockdown.

Ucchino, a father of three and owner of The Athletic Buddha gymnastics and fitness center, said that even though the gyms were closed, there was still no excuse to stop working out at home.

“For the average person looking to get started or who’s a bit of a casual trainer, there are a lot of things they can use around the house,” Mr. Ucchino said.

“You can use a ladder to run in and out of spaces or you can use backpacks for extra weight with a squat.”

“Don’t use the excuse that you can’t work out at home because you don’t have the right equipment.”

Ucchino says exercise has never been so important “for people both physically and mentally”.

“At a time when a lot of us locked out are studying at home and juggling work, taking care of your physical and mental health is really important,” Ucchino said.

“We get in motion, create endorphins, and distract our mind from things that are stressful or that don’t go as planned. “

“Because people sit a lot more and the pantry is more accessible during the day, it’s an important time to exercise. “

“Plus, it’s a great way to break up the day and get the family moving. “

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