How Tim Grover went from training housewives at a local health club to sculpting Michael Jordan in his prime



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Never apply for a job for which you are qualified.

Outside of open heart surgery, there is no job that really requires 7-10 years of relevant experience and anyone who has ever worked in an office knows that “strong communication skills” just ask Nancy how her life went. weekend before logging out forever.

When trainer Tim Grover took on Michael Jordan as a client in the late 1980s, he was making $ 3.35 at a local health club that trained housewives, recreational athletes and children.

Grover, who went on to coach Kobe Bryant and Dwyane Wade, appeared on our Endless agitation and explained how he started a 15-year relay, forming the most iconic athlete the world has ever known.

“I saw this little article in the newspaper that said how tired Michael Jordan was of being physically abused by the Detroit Pistons. I have never worked with a professional athlete.

I said, you know what, I’m going to send letters to all the other Bulls players. It was before emails, texts, all that. I have handwritten letters to 14 of the Chicago Bulls players. The only person I didn’t write a letter to was Michael Jordan. There’s no way they’ll let me work with him.

Some of the letters reached the players and one of the letters was open in the locker. And Michael actually reached inside that locker and took out the letter and read it. He gave it to the team doctor and said, “Find out what this kid is talking about. “

The Bulls’ organization then contacted Grover and said a player was interested in working with him, without saying who.

“For three months, they literally pierced me more than when I was at university on my knowledge, my practical work. I still didn’t know who they were interviewing me for.

After three months, the Bulls call Grover and give him an address at an undisclosed location in the suburbs.

“I rang the doorbell once. No answer. I ring the doorbell twice. No answer. I rang it a third time and said to myself, “I was trapped. “

Michael Jordan ends up opening the door.

He invited me into the house. Big mistake, I had Converse sneakers so I had to take them off before entering the house.

MJ and Grover talk for about 30-40 minutes about Grover’s philosophy and how he can help MJ get past the Bad Boy Pistons.

“[Jordan] was all about, ‘Look, I just wanna get bigger and stronger. I’m sick of being abused.

The plans everyone gave him were completely different from what I said.

Grover pushed him to deal with the nagging injuries he suffered early in his career, which would eventually make him stronger and more enduring.

Jordan agreed to a 30-day trial.

“30 days turned into 15 years. “

Check out Tim Grover’s full interview below and pick up his fascinating bestselling book W1NNING: the unforgivable race to greatness.



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