How much water can I drink during an indoor cycling workout?


When attending an indoor cycling class, you’ll likely be asked to bring cycling shoes or compatible shoes, a sweat towel, and a water bottle, reports Elite Daily. Of all the items you pack in your gym bag, however, your water bottle is the most important. Larger bottles are recommended over small ones, as the fast, high-intensity nature of indoor cycling may require greater hydration. A suggested tip is to drink a few sips of water about every 10 minutes during a spinning class. During an indoor cycling class lasting an average of one hour, your body can lose up to 60 ounces of sweat (per Spinning). When you sweat, your body is actively losing fluids, so rehydrating is essential. One way to keep track of the fluids your body loses during workouts is to weigh yourself before and after exercise.

If you don’t drink enough water during an indoor spinning session, you can become dehydrated. Not only can it thwart your performance, but your mental function can also erode (via The University of Utah Health). A domino effect can then occur, where your decision-making skills, concentration and motor control can weaken. Other symptoms of dehydration include fatigue, dizziness, dark-colored urine and diarrhea, according to the Mayo Clinic. In severe cases of dehydration, organs, especially the kidneys, can be damaged. Excessive sweating is a risk factor for dehydration, and not consuming enough water during strenuous exercise can lead to dangerous heat injury.


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