Hardik Pandya shares his workout routine


New Delhi: Cricketer Hardik Pandya assures that he maintains his physical and mental shape to stay flexible and alert during a cricket match.

India’s Ireland T20 trip captain, Pandya, has shared his exercise routine on TakaTak by Moj, launching the #GetFitWithHardik campaign in a bid to inspire people to lead healthier lives. Particularly aimed at budding athletes, this series allowed Hardik to demonstrate how physical fitness is a crucial part of his life to perform at the highest level.

Pandya shares five super fun exercises he swears by:
Warm-ups: First of all, warming up is of paramount importance before any kind of workout. In addition to preventing injuries, a good warm-up activates the muscles, allowing them to move better while reducing the risk of injury. It also helps increase its flexibility, making our training more effective.

Side slits: Side lunges help develop balance, stability and leg strength, which is beneficial for daily activities and prevents falls and injuries. It also contributes to improved form when exercising.

Reverse Lunge, Overhead Press: Helps strengthen the core and engages the stabilizers in the shoulders, including the upper and lower traps. It forces the core muscles to fully lengthen and contract, which ultimately boosts metabolism. Targeting multiple muscle groups, it increases muscle power and strength, resulting in full-body sculpting.

One arm kettlebell swing: Often referred to as the one-arm kettlebell swing, this exercise improves grip strength and strengthens your core and upper back. It also helps in improving body posture to a great extent.

Hurdle exercises: Regular obstacle drills help improve core strength, facilitate increased mobility, and improve overall body coordination. And what would life be without a bit of HIIT cardio?

Stressing the importance of fitness and training, Pandya said: “As a professional cricketer, fitness exercises have been integral in improving my game and helping me to become a impact player. My fitness regimen has added a boost to my performance and allowed me to play every game with high intensity and faster recovery. I am glad to have had the opportunity to collaborate with TakaTak by Moj for #GetFitWithHardik. My goal was to encourage my fans to imbibe fitness and work out regularly as part of their daily routine. I hope with this initiative they will be inspired to start their fitness journeys and be champions ready to lead India to a healthier and fitter country.”


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