Gym couple offering more than fitness


A COUPLE have opened a gym in Kidmore End, saying they want to help people with more than just their physical health.

Will and Daisy Bevis also offer mental health support to clients, as they believe it will help them more than just exercising.

The couple, who live in Kennylands Road, Sonning Common, opened Will Bevis Coaching at Halla Farm in Chalkhouse Green last month.

Mr Bevis, 34, was already working as a personal trainer while his wife of two years is a hypnobirthing therapist who is currently training to become a personal trainer, specializing in pre and post natal exercises.

He used to work in gyms but didn’t like it, then got into marathon races and endurance events when he realized he still wanted to help others.

Last summer he took part in Race to the Stones, a 100km race along the Ridgeway from Lewknor to the historic Avebury Stone Circle in Wiltshire. He was fundraising for Me2Club, which helps children and young people with additional needs and disabilities to participate in mainstream leisure activities.

Mr Bevis said: “I started helping people around me train. I naturally liked it and people seemed to like training with me and I said to Daisy, “I don’t like my job anymore”. I don’t consider myself a personal trainer in a gym, I just want to help people. I don’t want people to think they have to eat ‘clean’ all the time or look a certain way – it’s about feeling good and being proud of every achievement.

He appealed online for space for his own gym and heard from Mike Lincoln, owner of Halla Farm.

Mr Bevis said: “We just looked across the pitch and thought, ‘Oh my God, this is what we’re looking for’,

“Then I spent a weekend frantically writing a business plan and making sure it was something we could live off of so we could do it full time.

“We opened with the hope of staying part-time for a few months, but it went so well.”

Now his only other job is part-time one day a week at Tim Peers estate agents in Henley.

Mr Bevis, who trained as a personal trainer after struggling with his physical and mental health when he was younger, said he now wanted to help people such as mothers with young children.

He said: “It’s great if you’re 22 and you can walk into a gym full of people and you can leave your life behind, but for a lot of people it’s impossible to do that. Here you can bring your life with you We can be flexible, adaptable, we can make it work.

The couple also hope to use their one-year-old rescue dog Skye in mental health sessions and will encourage their clients to contact them out of hours if they need help.

Ms Bevis, 27, said: ‘We want to build community with this rather than them feeling like they’ve been left on their own after the sessions. It is more than physical health.

Her husband said, “It’s giving back. People invest a lot of money to come here – we don’t charge more than the average personal trainer – so there’s no reason we can’t give back to these clients.

The couple paid for a client to run a 5k marathon, which was her goal during her personal training sessions. They paid for another woman to have a massage.

They have also agreed to exhibit some photographs taken by a 15-year-old rugby player whose hobby is photography.

In addition to the gym, they created two vegetable and flower beds for a 16-year-old client.

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