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Pompton Plains, NJ, October 29, 2021 – ( – Getting in shape with the least amount of effort is a dream for many people. Everyone wants to get in shape without feeling the stress of driving or spending hours in a gym, especially in cold weather around the corner.

Whether you decide to keep your gym membership or get in shape at home using fitness apps, you need to choose what works best for your lifestyle and fitness goals. You also need to find an instructor that you really like and trust to invest your time. Here are nine simple reasons why CollageVideo.TV would be the best ‘take home and take out’ option to start exercising:

– It pays off: can anyone start exercising now with CollageVideo.TV for just $ 1.99? Yes, if someone decides to hire an individual program, they can just rent it for seven days for just $ 1.99.

– It’s convenient: Say goodbye to an uncomfortable gym environment or potentially contaminated equipment and machines. Now is the best time to practice all of your favorite workouts right on your TV in your own living room, via Roku, Android, iOS, and Apple TV, and it’s easy to cast Chrome from your phone’s browser to your TV.

– Variety of workouts: If you are not motivated, try watching the trailers on before you start, to see what to expect from each program. CollageVideo.TV has a huge library of programs from beginner to advanced level. The good news for seniors who have never participated in a training program is that it’s never too late to start and find a balanced fitness program that includes moderate, low-impact aerobic activity, strength training, and balance and flexibility exercises.

– Workout according to your schedule: It is very easy to get distracted at home or to be busy with your family, but you can also make it fun and effective when you include all your family members in the workout wherever you are connected to the Internet.

– Reliable Source: There are tons of fitness apps out there, unfortunately it can be a bit overwhelming and difficult to decide which one is the best. Since 1987, Collage Video has continued to deliver video programs from the world’s top fitness trainers. Yes, the celebrity trainers we know and trust are there.

– Without commitment: Choose CollageVideo.TV gives anyone the opportunity to try the platform for seven days for free without any commitment, and the cancellation is very simple and can be done at any time.

– No Equipment Required: Effective training doesn’t need to last for hours or use heavy weights. On CollageVideo.TV there are many workouts that just need your body weight and energetic soul. Chair workouts or simple walking workouts with Kathy Smith can deliver the results needed to achieve any fitness goal.

– Mix up your training program: The mix of cardio and weight training is necessary to burn fat, build muscles and gradually improve strength and balance. As long as your heart rate increases, this is a good workout. All workouts are easily categorized on CollageVideo.TV by cardio, senior, pilates, strength training, yoga, etc.

– Modification is available: each of us has weaknesses and areas we need to work on. Many of the workouts on CollageVideo.TV are presented with modifications to suit individual level – with beginner, moderate and advanced versions – to make it easier for everyone to complete the entire program safely and successfully.

In short, the most important thing is to get started. Just start with 10 minutes on day one and work up to 30 minutes of exercise a day, four days a week, taking a day off between workout days, and you’ll start to feel great. Remember to speak to your doctor before starting your home workouts, especially if you have a medical condition or / and are recovering from an injury.

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