Genesis Health Clubs Announces New Oak View Health Club


Omaha, Neb., Dec. 20 11, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Fresh off its recent expansion to 50 health clubs in six states, Genesis Health Clubs today announced the construction of a new luxury health club in southwest Omaha, in Nebraska. Dubbed Genesis Health Clubs – Oak View, the location will include all of the premium amenities expected at a new Genesis Health Clubs location, as well as several unique and cutting-edge fitness trends.

Located at 3125 Oak View Drive in a former Dick’s Sporting Goods location, the club will replace and significantly improve the leased 144and and location F, located at 4007 145and Plaza, just 2.2 km.

Genesis Health Clubs owner/president Rodney Steven II gave an overview of the change. “We usually own our Genesis locations, so we can constantly improve our facilities. Sometimes through the acquisition process, we end up with a leased facility, which can sometimes work really well. With 144and and F, we weren’t able to make any updates in the end, but on the new Oak View site, we’ll be building exactly what our customers asked for, right from the start. »

Steven continued: “This one will really be the best possible situation for our members. They will have a brand new club, but they will have all seven in Omaha, including the 144and & F location to use during its construction. Remodeling always gives a better result in the long run, but it can cause inconvenience during the construction process. We can skip that part here, and the build will go faster as a result. It’s the best of both worlds. Also, we’re going to a huge building with high ceilings, so we’re planning a really cool mezzanine design to make everything feel really modern and open and spacious.”

Asked about the amenities, Steven’s enthusiasm grows. “This one really has it all. A luxurious pool area with hot tub and steam rooms/saunas, towel service, basketball, tons of group exercises, boxing… that’s a lot. We’ll also have a huge grass for functional training; it’s one of the most popular things we’ve added in the past few years. It’s crazy how much these areas are used. Then, of course, there’s All-American Training.

Steven continued. “We added All-American Training to our Cass location renovation, and it worked so well that we knew we needed another one in Omaha. What makes it so special is that It’s a high-tech, heart rate-monitored interval program. You can see your progress right on the screen as you burn calories and rack up a huge afterburn afterwards. It’s challenging and fun. , and we look forward to bringing it to more of our members.

Asked about the construction schedule, Steven was optimistic. “It’s a little early to give an exact date, but we expect it to go very quickly. The plans are complete, the building is ours and we don’t have to phase the construction around an existing club. Omaha is going to have a wonderful new health club for the community before they know it.”

About Genesis Health Clubs

Genesis Health Clubs now has 50 locations in six states: Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri, Oklahoma and recently Iowa, making it the largest tennis organization in the Midwest and one of the five largest in the United States.

Genesis believes in innovating, educating and helping people look and feel better than they ever have before. Offering the most comprehensive gym experience across its 50 clubs, Genesis offers top-of-the-line equipment, class variety, and world-class training to its members. Genesis Health Clubs will continue to grow, change, innovate, add new services and locations to give their members what they need to achieve their goals.

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