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The Fulton County Council of Commissioners believe it finally has the right business to provide mental and physical health services to inmates at Fulton County Jail.

“We are starting to see a better level of consistency of physical and mental health services with NaphCare Inc. which was requested in the contract, and we must continue to monitor these funds,” said District 2 Commissioner Bob Ellis.

This is how Ellis saw the board extend for a second consecutive year the one-year contract for inmate health services at NaphCare, based in Birmingham, Ala., At a cost of $ 24.18. million dollars for the county.

The board of directors voted 6-0 to approve this contract at their recess meeting on Oct. 16 at Assembly Hall in downtown Atlanta.

Fulton vice president and District 3 representative Lee Morris said he agreed the contract was “onerous, but everyone agrees NaphCare Inc. is doing a good job.”

The contract is to provide physical and mental health services to Fulton Main Prison and its other prison facilities.

The county’s first contract with NaphCare was for 2018, priced at $ 20.73 million, and its 2019 pact is $ 22.83 million, with a $ 440,158 amendment approved in August.

The new contract will come into effect on January 1. This was the second of nine renewable options the county had to keep NaphCare, with seven more options to renew the contract remaining.

“Fulton County has an obligation to these inmates to provide them with mental and physical health care, which has been a struggle for this county for years,” Morris said.

“We signed up with NaphCare two years ago and, despite the importance of this contract, they have done a good job. “

He said Fulton is the state’s second-largest mental health service provider, and the reason is that many of those arrested and jailed have mental health issues.

“It’s a big price, this over $ 24 million contract, but we’re happy with the job they’ve done,” he said.

According to Ellis, this problem with the mental and physical health of inmates “is an area in which we have had three different providers over the past few years,” he said.

“We have also encountered challenges in this area with the quality of physical and mental health care in the facility,” he said, “and this is one of those things that needs to be done. ‘to have. “



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