Fitness: 10 winter workouts you absolutely must do to stay active and warm


In the winter, people tend to get lazy and skip their workouts to enjoy the comfort of their duvets and spend a few extra hours underneath. But, in the long run, it can harm them, because leading a sedentary life – when it’s cold – can harm a person’s physical and mental health.

If you have been exercising, it is suggested that you continue to stay active. For others, who are prone to bouts of lethargy, Aditi Gupta, Premium Coach at FITTR, explains that cold weather “not only makes us lazy, but also slows down weight loss due to reduced sweating. “.

Motivating people to get in shape, Gupta lists the following 10 winter workouts to beat the chills; continue reading.

* Workout at home

“Exercising in the winter is particularly difficult. If you choose the right activity, you won’t have to train outside in the freezing cold. Joining a local recreational sports team or enrolling in fitness classes are two ways to stay active,” she says.

* Set motivating goals

Gupta says if you’re not sure what to do, seek advice from a personal trainer, exercise physiologist or other health experts. “Your ambitions don’t have to be big. If finishing a marathon is an admirable goal, so is being able to walk from store to store without stopping.

* Find an exercise partner or group

Training alone can be boring; there is a certain social pressure when exercising with someone or in a group, says the expert. “Making friends and spending time with like-minded people has an added benefit. Consider signing up for a class on Zoom even if you’re training at home. These are great winter training options that don’t require you to fight the weather.

* Warming up and stretching

Warming up before exercise is crucial, whether it’s winter or not. But, it becomes necessary in winter. Exercising in cold weather puts you at higher risk for sprains and other ailments. Warming up can reduce the risk of injury by increasing blood flow and core muscle temperature. In fact, before you go, you can do some warm-up activities at home, you’ll feel less chilly, says Gupta.

Exercising in cold weather puts you at higher risk for sprains and other ailments. (Photo: Getty/Thinkstock)

* Inner hills

After 10 minutes of warming up, increase the incline of the treadmill to 15% or the highest setting available. Perform the exercise for one minute at your maximum endurance (a brisk walking pace), then reduce the incline to zero and rest for one minute. Then increase minute by minute to five minutes, starting with two minutes on the highest incline and two minutes rest.

* Fast walk

According to Gupta, walking puts minimal stress on your joints and works your lower body muscles. It improves cardiovascular fitness and promotes strong bones.

* Fartlek Training

Run steadily for 15 minutes, then do 8 sets of 2 minutes each with moderate effort (around 85%), followed by a minute of recovery. Take a five-minute break from running slowly, then perform 8 one-minute repetitions at 90% effort, followed by two minutes of recovery.

* Know your diet

Eat wisely and avoid high-calorie comfort foods. By doing this, you will not only prevent yourself from gaining more weight, but you will also be motivated to combine a healthy diet with regular physical activity.

* Protect your skin

The winter air is dry. Use moisturizer frequently and drink plenty of water to avoid dry skin. For extra protection, apply petroleum jelly to sensitive areas, including the ears, tip of the nose, and nostrils. Consider keeping your face covered with a running mask or scarf.

* Inner stretches

Before going outside to exercise, practice stretching indoors to raise your body temperature. This reduces the likelihood of feeling cold as soon as you leave the house. Before putting on your winter outfit, do some quick stretches to improve blood flow to your muscles and joints. To reduce the risk of injury, perform leg rotations, butt kicks, jumping jacks.

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