Finnish military relaxes fitness requirements for recruits



Finnish Defense Forces said he would lower his current physical fitness standards for conscripts, making it easier for those who otherwise would not meet the strict requirements to serve in the military.

Commander of the Finnish Army, Lieutenant General Petri hulkko, announced at a press conference on Monday that the military would expand its aptitude criteria over the next year and include new roles in areas such as digital operations and cybersecurity.

According to Hulkko, a large number of young people who wish to serve in the armed forces are prevented from doing so due to their poor physical condition. The main purpose of the amendment is to allow conscripts who cannot meet strict physical requirements to perform tasks that require mental skills in a safe environment.

The Finnish Defense Forces are planning to introduce a new service category called B2. The current categories are A and B. Category A conscripts can participate in all missions, while Category B conscripts cannot participate in certain missions, such as those that require combat, due to a health.

The introduction of Category B2, which will have more flexible fitness standards, is aimed at increasing recruitment, especially for women, and helping the military monitor and prevent non-physical threats such as cyber attacks.




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