FinBox CEO Believes Spiritual Health Is As Important As Fitness



Being in good physical health is an integral part of the diet and personal goals of FinBox CEO Rajat Deshpande. Following up on fitness routines helps him stay centered and keeps him off the busy thinking of work while making sure he stays healthy.

“Most of the time I run and do push-ups and I find it helps me to exercise regularly and stay connected to myself. Apart from that, I also follow a strict diet and diet. which mainly involves eating fresh producing and maintaining a calorie deficit, ”he says.

Deshpande tends to run and exercise at 7 a.m. or around 4 p.m. at night for about 45 to 60 minutes.

“This is a time when I find that I have the mind space and the outside time is conducive to exercise. I tend to go on intermittent fasting. So I start my day with a black coffee. and lots of fruit. My meals mostly involve staples at home – cooked non-fat and non-spicy foods. I also eat lots of organic greens grown on site, like kale and lettuce, which help detoxify the body, ”he says.

He has a strong meditative practice that he has nurtured for many years now. “I discovered that spiritual health is as important as physical health. I started with the Vipassana retreats which I do at least once a year. Along with this, I often meditate during the day and practice the meditation meditation. “deep state. Even when I am stressed I tend to meditate wherever I am for about five to 10 minutes and this helps calm the mind a bit. I use meditation both strategically and tactically.” I am also a heavy user of the Headspace app and recommend Waking Up by

Harris to everyone. When I’m stressed or in conflict, I tend to take a lot of notes and write in my notebooks, which helps clear my head, ”he says.

Mental map
Deshpande thinks it has more to do with how much you eat. “I find that eating less amounts helps me stay alert and more agile both physically and mentally. I practice gratitude and tend to think about all the good in and around my life and I feel myself. feel grateful for the same. I am also very empathetic and I find that empathy helps to become more charitable and that giving comes naturally, ”he says.

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