DYS, Parent Leaders Bring Families Together in Fitness Activities | New



The Youth Services Division and the Parental Leadership Month organizing committee hosted fitness activities for children and their parents at the Kagman Community Center on Friday.

Hundreds of children accompanied by their parents participated in the various events, which included an obstacle course, a basketball clinic, a fitness program and other outdoor activities.

Managers and staff from Kagman Health Center, Immunization Program, Office of Noncommunicable Diseases, Northern Marianas College-Cooperative Research Extension and Education Services, and NMC’s Proa Project oversaw the activities.

Each of them has set up kiosks offering different activities and services to children and their parents.

DYS Director Vivian Sablan said the event was the first in a series of activities to be launched by the Parent Leadership Month committee.

The goal is to go to villages and involve families in interactive activities involving physical fitness.

“So we bring the children and their families together, organize different activities, including medical screening to promote health and nutrition,” Sablan said.

“As we know, most of the children were absent from school for a long time, locked in their homes, and perhaps had eaten a little here and there. So what we want to do is turn the tide and get our kids back to a healthy lifestyle with their family members, ”she said.

At Friday’s event, she noted that the kids were obviously having fun and were excited to perform physical activities they hadn’t done in quite some time.

But it doesn’t end there, Sablan said, adding that the plan is to host the same event in other villages.

NMC student Jolene Mettao helped organize the event as part of her 640-hour internship.

“Everyone has been inside a lot throughout the Covid-19 outbreak. So having something outside where families and children can come and have fun and do physical activities with each other can just encourage people to do physical activity more often, ”she said. .



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