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May is Fitness and Sport Month, and the US Navy encourages everyone to get a little more activity each day to achieve optimal physical preparation, which is a top priority for the Sailor and Navy. of the 21st century.

In 1983, the President’s Council on Fitness gave May this designation to develop and promote healthy lifestyles and improve the quality of life for all Americans. The Army of Nations must maintain the ability to be physically mission ready and the Department of the Navy (DoN) places great importance and focus on sailors to this end.

“As our fighters seek excellence in human performance to protect the security of our country, the importance of the physical resilience, durability, tenacity and lethality of combatant athletes intensifies,” said Diana Settles, who serves as the Public Health Center for the Navy and Marine Corps (NMCPHC) Human Performance Program Manager and oversees the combatant wellness physical optimization and musculoskeletal performance programs at the NMCPHC. “Physical fitness is an essential part of our military’s mission readiness,” she added.

In conjunction with National Fitness and Sports Month, the Navy has just released a new web application on applocker.navy.mil for Sailors. The official Navy PFA (Physical Fitness Assessment) app provides all of the fitness program information needed to maintain optimal health, fitness and preparation in accordance with Navy standards. The app offers current advice regarding all aspects of the Navy physical readiness program, including information on nutrition, health, fitness, aerobic capacity, muscle strength, muscle endurance, build body fat and new plank and rowing modalities.

“Your NFAC Human Performance Sub-community works hard to ensure that our Sailors and Marines are equipped with the tools necessary to ensure optimal human performance optimizing all areas of the lifestyle,” said Lt. Cmdr. Kevin Bernstein, leader of the Human Performance Working Group of the Navy Fitness Advisory Committee (NFAC). Bernstein also added, “Promoting a 24/7/365 wellness lifestyle culture is our overall goal and we tend to focus a lot on this hour of physical training, although we also have to. remind us that the other 23 hours of the day are only as important. “

Over the years, increased awareness and education regarding the benefits of maintaining physical fitness has been promoted, a fact that has not been lost on the US military.

“Sailors say that an active lifestyle helps them reduce their stress levels and improve their energy levels. Looking good, feeling good and doing good is another major benefit of physical activity recognized by sailors, ”says Settles.

Settles also spoke about how physical activity helps manage weight and strengthen muscles, bones, and joints. An active lifestyle helps lower cholesterol and blood pressure. More regular physical activity, over months and years, is essential for maintaining health and well-being. Being more active can improve fitness and reduce depression, stress, reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, certain cancers, diabetes, obesity, and relieve symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Unlike the years leading up to 2020, COVID-19 challenged everyone’s ability to maintain or develop a routine. For these people, it can be as easy as starting out slowly and gradually increasing the workout.

“All kinds of activities count, such as organized exercise or sports, playing ball, skipping rope, walking a dog, gardening or even raking leaves,” Settles said. “Just getting out for a 5-10 minute walk has health benefits and helps improve concentration and mindfulness.”

Everyone benefits from physical activity, regardless of age or physical ability. Physical activity, whether it’s moderate daily activity or something more organized, is a key method for improving overall health. Physical activity enhances the quality of life while extending the lifespan.

Resources for Sailors and Marines are made available and updated at the Navy Operational Fitness & Fueling System (NOFFS), providing the industry’s best performance fitness and nutrition information, enabling the Navy to maintain optimal physical preparation. The NOFFS app was developed to deliver great workouts from anywhere – inside or outside our homes, with or without others, anytime.

What can your command do to help promote May Fitness and Sport Month? Check out the NMCPHC Active Living webpage for resources, posters, social media posts and activities.

The Navy and Marine Corps Public Health Center (NMCPHC) develops and shapes public health for the United States Navy and Marine Corps through health surveillance, epidemiology and analysis, disease and injury prevention and public health consultation. For more information, visit www.nmcphc.med.navy.mil. Follow the NMCPHC on social media at https://www.facebook.com/NavyAndMarineCorpsPublicHealthCenter http://twitter.com/nmcphc and https://www.instagram.com/nmcphc/

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