Duncan Bannatyne called ‘clown’ after asking health club member if they ‘have a key’ to fix shower



Dragon’s Den star Duncan Bannatyne suggested to a health club member that he might have his own key to fixing a faulty shower after his own repair staff were unavailable.

Duncan was responding to the Carlilse health club member on Twitter when he complained about understaffing due to tracking and traceability.

The club member had asked Duncan, “When are you going to stop hiding behind ‘Covid’ and bringing people back to the phone, to provide customer service to your members?”

Multi-millionaire Duncan, who normally tries to sort out health club issues on his own if customers aren’t happy at the branch level, replied, “Whenever tracking and tracing stops sending them back to them.”

“But you have access to the best customer service in the world. Me!”

Duncan Bannatyne says tracking and tracing club members means staff shortage

The club member then wrote a follow-up to Duncan telling him that his club had only used one shower because the repairs had not been made.

He said to Duncan, “Good boy, sort that out then please. We only have one poolside shower in Carlisle for weeks, for 2 saunas 2 steam rooms 2 hot tubs and the pool.

“Because according to the nursery we do not have a” maintenance man “

Duncan Bannatyne suggests the member has a wrench to fix the problem

“You just need someone with a brain and a key!”

Duncan then replied, “Well, you probably have a key then?”

The member was not impressed with Duncan’s attempt at humor and said, “Stop being a clown and make it right.”

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