D’Andre Swift goes viral alongside 3 NFL stars



D’Andre Swift celebrates a score in 2020 against the Packers.

The Detroit Lions are hoping for a big season from running back D’Andre Swift, and if the running back has anything to say about it, he’s going to deliver considering the job he’s been doing.

Swift has been working hard this offseason in order to prepare for 2022 and has been impressive in the process. Now that it’s the dead period between practices and the start of camp, Swift doesn’t rest at all.

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The running back continues to seek success on the pitch by preparing off the pitch. Swift was spotted with other young titans of the game — Bengals wideout Ja’Marr Chase, Patriots cornerback Jalen Mills and Buccaneers running back Leonard Fournette — hard at work on the treadmill.

here is a a look to group grinding:

Seeing Swift go after some of his contemporaries in the league so aggressively is huge. This is the kind of leadership by example that young players need to have and see to succeed on the pitch.

The fact that Swift is stepping up and being responsible while working hard is a good sign. He knows there’s no respite on the road to becoming an elite running back and NFL star.

Swift has already switched bodies this offseason

Swift has made changing his body and being more sustainable a goal for 2022. So far, it looks like he’s succeeding in doing just that. Already in OTA sessions, Swift has been impressive on the pitch and not just for her hard work in drills or her impressive maturity.

Already, it looks like Swift is ready to take a beating on the court, as he has improved his conditioning significantly. Some photos have surfaced from the work period that show a very muscular Swift on the court taking on a more imposing look.

Here’s an example, courtesy of Twitter user Honolulu Blues:

Seeing a more imposing Swift is a welcome sight for fans, and he looks like the kind of player who could be about to do some serious damage on running back this year with some extra weight to help him stay tough. Besides the weight, Swift clearly doesn’t want to lose any speed either.

Swift’s improved strength will benefit the Lions

Whether or not Swift performs as hoped for Detroit next season behind the team front may very much depend on her ability to stay healthy in the short and long term. Appropriate physical injuries were an unfortunate part of his history during the league’s early seasons, which continued into 2021 with the shoulder condition that held him back until the final weeks of the year around of Thanksgiving.

Maybe with a stronger, more durable frame, Swift can avoid some of the nagging little injuries that cost him time in his early years on the court.

The good news for Lions fans is that Swift returned to the field to finish the season and was able to finish it strong against Seattle and Green Bay in the last pair of games of the season. This Swift, with the added bonus of more weight, could prove very difficult to stop.

By André Swift | HURDLE Over Green Bay Defender -vs- Packers | 2021-22 NFL SEASON2021-09-21T03:09:15Z

Finding a way to keep Swift healthy and fresh to continue making that kind of impact had to be on the minds of the Lions brass this offseason. Seeing him appear very muscular and muscled must therefore be a welcome sight for the Lions, as must seeing him continue to work away from the building for his speed training.

It’s great news to see this play out for the Lions.

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