Charan’s training in Tanzania shows his dedication

While mega actor ram charan recently vacationed in tanzania with his wife Upasana Kamineni, the hero hasn’t neglected his workout routine. Today he posted a video of himself training with locals to stay in shape for the upcoming #RC15 shoot in New Zealand. The actor recently traveled to Japan to promote his latest release rrr with the film’s director SS rajamouli and his junior co-star NTR.

​Click to watch the video​​​

Charan shared a video from his recent vacation in which he trained in a small gym with no complex or high-end equipment, only basic machines built from scratch. From stone (and wooden) dumbbells to a leg press made of two iron bars and a hand press made of rope and pulley, this is the poor man’s gym with equipment mimicking those seen in modern gymnasiums. To stay in shape, Charan used the equipment and hit them hard.

Moreover, the hero of Magadheera traveled to the tough terrains of Tanzania to jog fast and play soccer with dedication with the people. He seems to have prioritized cardio training and strength training in the morning. ram charan is currently in peak physical condition, having developed a six pack physique for Rama Raju’s character in RRR by Rajamouli.


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