Best Post-Workout CBD Supplements for Targeted Areas


Make the most of your CBD supplements for the best relief.

When it comes to our post-workout gains, it can be difficult to find the right approach to improving our overall health and performance, however, with CBD Supplements on the upside, this can be an easy first step to seeing great progress. While many of us are looking for a protein powder to increase growth, protein synthesis, and recovery, or perhaps a joint supplement to relieve joint pain, what you may overlook to look at in CBD supplements .

These supplements come in many forms, including CBD tinctures and oil, edibles, and topicals, among others, giving you plenty of options to improve your health and performance. What you will find with topicals is that you can apply directly to the targeted area for the best relief.

CBD is a growing industry, and one that is becoming very saturated with many companies touting their own products. However, a great company like Level Select is easy to find and can make or break those gains for the better. When it comes to CBD, you need an honest and transparent company because the ingredients have to be top notch and the formula has to be absolutely effective.

For those post-workout and recovery needs, CBD is the supplement you need most to change the way you recover and take care of those sore muscles and joints. By using a high-quality topical, you allow yourself the option of applying directly to the targeted area for relief that’s not quite instantaneous, but pretty close to relief.

Let’s take a look at post-workout CBD and see what makes this supplement so effective for recovery. By applying directly to the affected area, you can alleviate these pain targets and give yourself the best chance of post-workout success. Plus, we’ll provide you with a great topic that will help you see the best gains in your post-workout recovery.

CBD post-workout supplements

Benefits of CBD for Muscle Pain and More

The benefits of CBD allow us to see the best possible gains with the right approach to using CBD and CBD products. For those who are worried about trying this supplement, let’s take a look at some of the great benefits associated with it.

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The multiple benefits of CBD include:

  • Relieve muscle pain: It can impact receptors and act with anti-inflammatory properties. This will reduce inflammation and muscle tension while promoting relief to improve your post-workout muscle building goals. For non-bodybuilders, it helps you recover and feel less sore for better post-workout recovery and increased muscle growth (1).
  • Reduce anxiety and depression: A more natural approach to treating mental health, it may act on receptors in the brain to transmit serotonin, which makes you feel good, and has other calming properties.
  • Promotes better sleep: Can help you sleep through the night and improve your overall sleep quality for post-workout pain relief and muscle growth (2).
  • Support the immune system: Can greatly boost your immune system and allows antibodies to react effectively to anything foreign (3).

While these are just a few benefits of CBD and CBD products, it would be a disservice to overlook this supplement as it has the ability to really benefit you in so many ways. Whether physical or cognitive, both will prove useful when looking to improve all areas of your overall health and performance, especially muscle recovery and mental well-being. It is no wonder that professional athletes have also turned to this supplement.

CBD post-workout supplements

Why CBD Topicals Work Well for Post-Workout Supplements

Topicals work like the best CBD products because they allow you to apply them directly to the targeted or affected area for better relief and post-workout recovery. By gently massaging your skin and taking care of the affected area, you begin to feel relief quickly and that pain you want gone begins to fade.

The right CBD topic is something that can be very beneficial and using it as an athlete, or just an average gym goer, can make all the difference to your post-workout recovery goals and your overall workout routine. .

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Does recovery really matter?

Recovery is important for a host of reasons, and yes, it is. Period. The reason recovery is important is that muscle growth happens during recovery because that’s when your body fully heals and recovers, especially after a strenuous or strenuous workout routine. That sore feeling after a big workout is something that can be debilitating and honestly, we just don’t need it, and by focusing on muscle recovery, you’ll feel better about your recovery process.

Recovery also allows our mind to calm down and with a better mental state we allow our body to thrive better in said state and taking CBD will help. The stress in our lives creates tension and this turns into strain on our muscles and joints, especially when combined with a workout.

By prioritizing recovery, whether it’s foam rolling, stretching, yoga, or supplements like CBD from the cannabis plant, we give ourselves the opportunity to decompress, release that tension, and to enjoy an excellent recovery and training routine.

CBD post-workout supplements

Featured CBD Supplements for Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, Joint Relief and More

Finding the right CBD products can be a challenge, but it’s certainly not impossible. Whether it’s a topical product or something like CBD oil, the health benefits can be tremendous. With the right approach to anything wins, you’ll find that you can better prepare for anything that comes your way with a product you trust.

This sports cream from Level Select is ideal for athletes and non-athletes alike and will most certainly repair and relieve that sore muscle tissue to relieve, improve your health and improve your overall performance.

Level Select CBD Level 3 Sports Cream

Level Select CBD Level 3 Sports Cream

Level Select CBD Level 3 Sports Cream is a higher concentration for maximum strength to achieve those muscle soreness goals.

Level 3 Sports Cream is a new and improved formula with more CBD at a lower price, perfect for those looking for maximum strength relief when you need it most. With 1,800mg of CBD and Level Select’s highest concentration, you’ll get a non-greasy, fast-absorbing formula that can soothe and soften skin while providing high-quality CBD for pain and general relief. A refreshing mint scent also accompanies this amazing sports cream.

Price: $39.99

Check out our list of the best CBD supplements for other great CBD products to find the best muscle recovery supplement and eliminate post-workout soreness!


The best CBD Supplements have the ability to take your gains to new heights while working to relieve all muscle soreness needs for the better. With the CBD market becoming increasingly saturated, it can be difficult to find the right supplements, but it’s not impossible and taking CBD can actually be easy. What you need most is a trusted company and a product that works on your behalf and seeking the advice of a doctor is always a good idea if you have any other concerns or you want to know more about the recommended dose. Level Select is that company and Sports Cream is the right topic for the best post-workout CBD supplement to relieve pain and make the next workout great.

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